Jill Stanek


Abortion-minded mom chooses life, returns to thank pro-lifers

Jill Stanek

She said that all of a sudden, it was dark, but then it became a real darkness, and she started thinking, ‘I’ve got to get out of here…and a light went on in her heart and she came out and she left.

They had told her that she was 26 weeks [pregnant] and they would either fudge it to 24 (the legal abortion limit), or they would have her go to Maryland and have her abortion up there where it’s legal to go past 24 weeks in a clinic.

~ Sidewalk counselor John Barros describing the experience of Amanda[pictured with husband Chet and newborn son Chase], an abortion-minded mother whom he counseled the day of her scheduled late-term abortion at Orlando Women’s Clinic, as reported by Christian News Network, February 19

Amanda chose life for her baby in spite of very desperate circumstances, and has since returned with her son to the abortion facility to thank John Barros and to convince other mothers not to go through with their abortions.

Video of the interview at the link.

Reprinted with permission from JillStanek.com.

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