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Abortion zealots go nuclear on cartoonist for old pro-life tweet; cartoonist promptly appeases the mob

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April 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Leftist intolerance struck once again this week as a pro-abortion mob descended on a harmless web artist for ... daring to express gratitude that his girlfriend wasn’t aborted. And that’s not even the worst part of the story.

Nathan Pyle is the creator of Strange Planet, a series of cute, humorous comics about aliens awkwardly exploring all the daily experiences we Earthlings can take for granted:

In a sane world, this would be exactly the sort of thing that brings people together. Alas, obsessive pro-aborts with too much time on their hands eventually dug up a 2017 tweet in which Pyle shared his then-girlfriend’s thoughts on the March for Life, capped with his own comment that he was “thankful she was given the gift of life”:

For the unspeakable act of being glad his girlfriend wasn’t dead, pro-aborts bombarded his old tweet with hostile replies ranging from “ugh” and “yikes” to “disappointing” and boilerplate screeds about “bodily autonomy” and “oppressing women.”

Casey Miller of women’s lifestyle site Nylon wrote that Pyle's “problematic views” are a reminder to “be more careful with what we're sharing.” The Daily Dot’s Tiffany Kelly lamented that the “internet’s favorite new comic strip” has been “ruined” by the old tweet (she even echoed the buzzword “problematic”).

This is intolerance in its purest form. Pyle’s tweet was moral, compassionate, respectful, echoed a view held by a majority of the country, and didn’t even opine on any of abortion’s political or legal questions; it simply shared and affirmed the perspective of one of the women closest to him at the time. So pro-lifers rallied to his defense:

Yet despite having the clear high ground, Pyle responded to his tormentors by insisting his views are private, that bogus church-state-separation grounds prevent him from actually voting on whatever pro-life views he may still have, that he dutifully supports Democrats (you know, the folks currently fighting to protect infanticide), and for good measure, that he’s “troubled by what the Republican Party has become”:

Pathetic. Pyle is an entertainer; he’s obviously under no obligation to tell off any portion of his audience or stick out his neck further on the issue. But how hard would it have been to simply state that like most Americans he has opinions on what’s going on in the country, but values and welcomes fans who disagree? Or to ignore the haters entirely? He wouldn’t have lost anybody beyond a handful of trolls that are impossible to please anyway, and the increased exposure would have won him plenty of new fans who never heard of him before.

Instead, Pyle said just about everything he could to assure his critics that he was in near-total lockstep with them, that his view of abortion is “personally opposed” at best — everything short of saying he wasn’t thankful his ex-girlfriend was born after all.

Oh, and this groveling still wasn’t even enough to get back in the abortion cult’s good graces. Tiffany Kelly followed up with a post lamenting that his “vague statement doesn’t clear up his views on abortion,” and various respondents continued to foot-stomp and lecture as if they were owed a more comprehensive disavowal of any pro-life sympathies:

This sad spectacle is our latest reminder that appeasing the mob rarely works out. Temptation can make it seem so easy to just tell the mob what they want to hear and make it all go away. But doing so only emboldens them to demand more while losing the respect of others who could have helped anyone willing to stand firm find the comfort and strength to weather any storm.

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