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April 30, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – In the opinion he wrote for the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dred Scott case Chief Justice Taney observed that “the class of persons who had been imported as slaves…, whether they had become free or not…” had “for more than a century been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect, and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit [emphasis mine].”

Such was the attitude Justice Taney ascribed to “the state of public opinion … which prevailed in the civilized and enlightened portions of the world” in the 18th century.  I imagine that the British medical practitioners, Judges, and bureaucrats responsible for the extermination of Alfie Evans would profess to find that attitude both uncivilized and unenlightened in comparison with their own far more progressive 21st Century views. 

But their actions loudly proclaim their profession to be false.  

Like the people who enslaved my ancestors in the United States, they assumed a false godlike prerogative of power. They acted as if the infant Alfie and his parents had no rights their totalitarian socialist regime is bound to respect so that he could be starved to death for his benefit, what they said was in his “best interest.”

Why was it right for them to bar the Evans family from taking advantage of the help generously offered them?  Though gravely outraged in conscience, formally lawful edicts forced Americans in the 19th century, to return fugitive slaves to those who held them in captivity.  Now the socialist exterminators abuse the legal process to force parents to leave their innocent offspring in the hands of medical executioners, no matter what third party is willing to aid them in their quest to save the life God has entrusted to their care.

This aspect of the British socialists’ abuse of the Evans family puts the lie to the argument speciously deploy to mask the socialists’ veritable aim, which is to impose totalitarian control.  By their very nature, socialist regimes set up a system in which the supposed need to allocate scarce resources most effectively can be cited to mask the operation of a system that in fact tendentiously allocates goods and services according to the self-serving agenda of parties determined to preserve their power.  The atrocious totalitarian regimes of the 20th century depended on created closed systems (islands subject to totalitarian control). By cutting off access to all outside aid, this allowed them to enforce their agenda of power by all means, including mass imprisonment and extermination.

For the time being, premises of just government that rely implicitly on the rubric of some authority that transcends human will, however powerfully enforced, are still assumed, in a few countries, to provide a general standard for passing judgment against unjust government actions.   Those countries were thought to include Great Britain, the US, the EU and a few others factually committed to the rule of law, including constraints of due process, observed in respect of a standard of right that is not simply the resultant of raw power relationships. (Might makes right.)

I have long argued that the push for socialist health care reflects the intention effectively to nullify such constraints, in fact, while maintaining the appearance of government subject to the rule of law.  To achieve this purpose, however, socialist healthcare regimes, like their more openly dictatorial totalitarian counterparts, must enforce a closed system.  There can be no appeal from the socialist regime to any outsiders.  Their offers of assistance puncture the argument from scarcity otherwise deployed to maintain the façade that decisions are not simply a function of the self-serving will of the powers-that-be.

Many people outside of Great Britain could not understand why the socialists in control of its health care system adamantly refused to allow Alfie’s parents to pursue their conscientious belief that more could be done for their child.  Though the socialist regime pretended that this somehow involved concern for the child’s plight, they adamantly refused even when every provision was made, and valid evidence presented, to buttress the conclusion that the parents’ hope of obtaining help from a hospital in Italy was reasonably well-founded.

The response of the British health care regime had nothing to do with health care. It had everything to do with maintaining total control of the expectations and actions of the people subject to that regime.  It was intended to send the clear message that there is no escape from the regime’s power, and standard or tribunal to which its decisions can be appealed, no matter the reasonable case made in support of that appeal.  Is this the professional judgment of a regime that exists to serve and preserve the health of its subject, of the strategic judgment of preeminent powers, determined to impose and preserve their control?

Throughout human history, the ultimate resource of totalitarian dictatorial control has always been the power over life and death.  Medical science precisely involves amassing knowledge that allows one to control this power by means more subtle than destructive armaments.  Under the guise of preserving life, medical knowledge can be used to lure whole peoples into a situation of dependency, in which their individual lives can be prolonged or ended at will, often by means they barely comprehend, if at all.

It was not mere coincidence that the Vatican played such a role in extending hope to the parents of Alfie Evans.  Though it is now sometimes forgotten, even as the highest levels of the Catholic hierarchy, Almighty God presides over the final court of judgment in human affairs.  The appeal to God cannot be cut off.  It will prevail in the end, as long as the Body of Christ keeps faith with the mind and intention of Christ.   The sovereign judgment of God, in behalf of relatively powerless humanity, will find voices that pronounce according to His standard, and hearts moved to implement His rulings.

Alfie Evans lives now in God’s goodwill.  The mind, heart, and ministry of Christ still shapes events in a world that rejects the truth of His resurrection.  Therefore, the infant Alfie’s death at the hands of falsely godlike human powers may continue to open the hearts and eyes of people living, in today’s benighted world.  Pray God many will read the lesson of Alfie Evans’ ruthless extermination.  Pray God they will see that the resources to sustain life are ever as large as the good conscience and will of faithful people moved to respect God’s truth.  

Such people will never be lacking, so long as faith in Christ and God endures.  Socialist totalitarians may stubbornly deny this, but cases like that of the Evans family, prove them to be liars. Such cases are evidence that their socialist schemes abuse the appearance of humanitarian practices to target humanity itself.  They doom some to death and force others to comply with inhuman evil. Will they succeed in bringing us all under its power?  Not so long as there are even two or three true witnesses, who keep the faith. Pray God to be among them.

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Alan Keyes served as Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and thereafter as Asst. Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs.

He is known for his dedication to the God revering principles of the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution framed in respect of them.  Because of those principles the top priority of America’s political life is to restore respect for the existence and authority of the Creator, God; and, in view of that sovereignty, rebuild the moral conscience and character of the American people.  He holds that this cannot be done without restoring America’s acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God, exemplified in the way of life in Jesus Christ, faithfully, rationally and spiritually upheld in the teachings of the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

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