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Archbishop triggers outrage after tweeting image of Mary with infant Jesus in COVID masks

'The spittle of Christ literally healed the blind. To act as if it were toxic is blasphemous,' wrote on Catholic on social media.
Tue Aug 25, 2020 - 6:33 pm EST
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Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane tweeted this image of Mary and Jesus wearing masks.

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BRISBANE, Australia, August 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – An Archbishop has tweeted an image of Our Lady holding the Baby Jesus, with both wearing COVID-19 protective face masks, obscuring their visages.    

“Notre Dame de COVID...prie pour nous,” tweeted Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane.  “Our Lady of COVID ... pray for us.” 


The Brisbane prelate’s Tweet triggered a backlash of negative responses from Catholic Twitter users.  Rather than seeing the image as reassuring or cute, many were horrified at the sight of what they considered to be a sacrilegious depiction of Our Lady and the infant Jesus.

“Masking Their Holy Images is desecration,” replied  MthereseJMJ.  “Reparation to Our Blessed Lord and His Holy Mother for this blasphemy in order to push a political agenda for the anti-God New World Order.”

“The spittle of Christ literally healed the blind,” a Twitter user named Valerie informed the Archbishop.  “To act as if it were toxic is blasphemous.” 

“Our Lady of Good Health, pray for us!” she added.  

“The Eternal Queen of Heaven spreads no virus,” declared Fr. Frederick Gruber. “Mary is Health of the Sick.  Her smile brings healing. It should not be covered.”

The Eternal Queen of Heaven is susceptible to no virus,” continued Fr. Gruber.  “The victory of the Risen Christ over death is manifest in her.  You obscure this truth.”

“You can't just make up titles for Our Lady,” said Laura Brockway, correcting the Archbishop.  “She gives her title when she appears.” 

“She did not appear. This offends her greatly that you would speak for her,” continued Brockway.  “You need confession and conversion, Your Excellency.”

“Absolutely sick to cover the faces of  Our Lady and the son of God,” wrote Twitter user Marie.  “The biggest enemy of the Catholic church is now their own priests and bishops.” 

“Correct me if I'm wrong, but can Mary and our Blessed Lord be affected by the coronavirus if they were never born with the Original Sin? Asked Jude.  

“If no, isn't the illustration very inappropriate and denies a dogma of the Church?”

“This insinuates that Our Lord And His Blessed Mother could cause harm or be harmed,” wrote Michelle Gerdano.  

“Heretical,” she added.  

One plea to Archbishop Coleridge was repeated over and over again ––in one form or another–– on Twitter:  “Please delete this image.”

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