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Are Dems condoning current social chaos as part of strategy to overthrow Trump?

Welcome to the 2020 Presidential Campaign: As Trump holds rallies, Dem-supporting leftists hold riots
Mon Jul 13, 2020 - 5:48 pm EST
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July 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – You may be forgiven for thinking that a significant minority of your fellow Americans have gone stark raving mad. They haven’t.  There are no more radical Marxists in America today—flying the false flag of Antifa, BLM, or what have you—than there were six months ago.  

The difference is that these revolutionaries have now been unleashed upon the American Republic by supporters of the Bernie wing of the Democrat Party and their allies in the corporate media, Silicon Valley, and academe.  Lacking a credible candidate—does anyone really think Biden is capable of being president?—leftists have resorted to a strategy of causing as much political chaos and social disorder as possible. They will only call off their carefully stage-managed “revolution” if you put them back in power.  

Welcome to the 2020 presidential campaign.

Trump won in 2016 by dominating the media coverage.  He held dozens upon dozens of raucous political rallies, the size and fervor of which were unprecedented in American politics.  In between, he kept up a constant barrage of tweets, living rent-free in the minds of tens of millions of American voters.  He’ll be taking the same approach this time around, only with twice as many Twitter followers, the promise of even larger rallies, and a long record of pro-life accomplishments, and other accomplishments, to run on.

Biden’s handlers know they can’t compete on either front.  The former vice president is about as exciting as a pitcher of warm spit.  He doesn’t generate enough enthusiasm to fill a high school auditorium, much less a major arena. And if they put him out on the campaign trail, they run the risk that he will again start calling people “dog-face pony soldiers” or, worse, trail off into incoherence in the middle of one of his seven-minute speeches.  The only way to keep Biden on script is to keep him in his basement, but if they do that they are afraid he will simply disappear off the public’s radar screen altogether.  

What Dem strategists have chosen to do instead is to sit back and watch as the radical wing of their party is unleashed on America. They want to create the impression that the country is on the brink of a violent revolution.  They want the American people to feel threatened and vulnerable.

Anyone who thinks that nationwide riots have spontaneously erupted because of a single case of police brutality in Minneapolis is naïve.  Well-funded radical organizations like Antifa have been organizing for the past several years for just this moment.   

Consider the comments that congressional Democrats have—or haven’t—made about the Left destroying statues of American heroes.  Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking Democrat in Congress, has barely bothered to hide her support for such lawlessness.  Asked about the destruction of statues of American historical figures such as Christopher Columbus and Saint Junipero Serra, she replied, “I don’t care that much about statues.” When pressed, she merely smirked, “People will do what they do.”  

Now pulling down statues and burning churches is a very effective way to generate tons of media. On the same day that Trump issued an executive order helping Hispanic Americans, arsonists burned down the historic San Gabriel Mission Church in San Gabriel, California.  Which do you think gets more coverage?  

By sponsoring a summer of rage, Dem-supporting leftists have already changed the terms of the national political debate. In the months leading up to a normal election, Americans would be asking themselves “Who is the better candidate for president?”  Instead, people are more concerned about electing someone who can save the country from violence and chaos.

Now, this may seem like the Democrats are set up for failure.  After all, won’t the present lawlessness and disorder cause Americans to rush to re-elect the man who stands for law and order?

Perhaps they would if this were just a single episode of unrest.  But the continued drumbeat of stories of stores looted, policemen assassinated, and statues toppled is deeply unsettling to our national psyche.  

For many older Americans, it seems as if their world—the America they grew up in—is crumbling about them along with the statues of their heroes.  They are increasingly terrified of the horrors that might follow.  And at least some of Donald Trump’s voters are growing impatient with him.  He’s the president and commander-in-chief, they say.  Why doesn’t he do something to stop the madness?

But the Democrats will not reap political benefits from the present unrest until a couple more pieces of their political strategy fall into place.  First, the radicals need to keep the unrest going all the way until the November election.  If things calm down before then, Trump will get the credit for the turnaround.  

Second, they need to convince the American people that it is Trump’s supposed “racism” and “white supremacy” that are driving the protests.  Good ‘ol Joe will only be seen as the savior who can restore calm to a troubled America if he—and the Democrats in general—are not directly linked to the current chaos.  If the American people come to realize that the riots and destruction were aided and abetted by Dem-supporting leftists, it’s game over in November. 

Keeping the American people from connecting the dots here is not as easy as it may sound.  After all, it was Democrat presidential candidate’s own campaign staff that contributed bail money to the arrested Minneapolis rioters—allowing them back out on the streets to riot again.  Add to this the comments of Democrat office holders like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a refugee from the failed country of Somalia, who openly talks about taking a wrecking ball to American institutions.  Are those dog whistles to the party’s radical base to keep burning down buildings? 

Still, with the help of the corporate media, the academic world, and the social media giants, there is a good chance that Dem-supporting leftists can keep their radical ties under wraps long enough for the party to get back in power.  How many stories on the major media have traced Antifa back to its Communist roots, have revealed the Marxist ideology of the founders of Black Lives Matter, or traced its financial relationship to George Soros and Democrat campaigns?  How many social media posts have been blocked in order to keep the origins of these groups hidden from the public at large?  How often are we being subjected to endless discussions of “racism” and “white privilege” by mindless Hollywood actors and academics?

President Trump made clear in his magnificent speech at Mount Rushmore that he understands the American dream better than any president since Ronald Reagan.  He also understands, I believe, that his political opposition has fanned the flames of our current national conflagration in a deliberate effort to win the November election. 

Every American needs to understand this as well.  The present unrest is not about race, and never has been.  It is about so terrorizing the country, and so traumatizing the American people, that they will turn in despair to Joe Biden to save it.  

And that would be like asking an arsonist for help in putting out a fire he started.

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.

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