Kathryn Yoder


Atheists, secularists interrupt Christian prayer at Supreme Court

Kathryn Yoder

Atheists not only want to ban prayer inside government, but also block prayer outside the government - or so they expressed via their actions on the steps the Supreme Court during the Town of Greece v. Galloway case.

The Christian Defense Coalition (CDC) and Faith and Action sponsored a prayer vigil at the Supreme Court for "religion freedom" in reaction to the case and in support Christian prayer. During the vigil, self-professed atheists, humanists and secularists repeatedly interrupted Biblical readings and prayers.

The Supreme Court heard the controversial Town of Greece v. Galloway argument on Nov. 6. The case questioned whether explicitly Christian prayer is allowable during government meetings.

While atheists labeled Christianity as "mythology" and yelled, "God does not exist!" at him, CDC's Rev. Patrick Mahoney prayed and expressed his own opinion. Mahoney stressed, "The court opens with prayer. The building across the street, the United States Capitol, opens in prayer. Our position is simple. Everyone should be allowed to express their faith values and views free from government interference or harassment."

The prayer vigil event invite read, "This case will have a major impact on Christian expressions of faith in the public square for the next generation." They continued, "We cannot be silent on the issue of religious freedom and through prayer we can see God shift and shape history!"

While media covered the Supreme Court opinions closely, the protests outside the court have yet to gain coverage.

Reprinted with permission from CNS News

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