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March 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Former pro-life and pro-family columnist and broadcaster Michael Coren threw a tantrum in a CBC opinion piece last week when he vilified Christians for boycotting Disney’s Beauty and the Beast because of its promotion of the LGBT agenda. 

Coren slammed Christians for what he called their “manic homophobia” that “informs and infects what goes on within much of the Christian right in the U.S. and, to a lesser extent, in Canada.”

He called the boycotters “bigots” who “prefer to perceive the world in banal caricatures” where they must oppose “bathroom bills,” force teens into “conversion therapy,” and engage in “bullying and beatings” of people they disagree with. 

“Problem is, those banal caricatures lead, in real life, not to harmless beauty but to dreadful and sometimes fatal beastliness,” he wrote. 

How dare this man who says he is Christian mock and belittle parents for what they choose to have as an influence on their kids. Not that anyone who knows Coren would take his words seriously. A few years ago, Coren abandoned the Catholic Church because he could no longer see truth in her teachings defending life as well as marriage between a man and woman. 

Coren, who once wrote beautifully in defense of marriage, life, and family, has now prostituted out his talents to the highest bidder who will publish his diatribes. He especially loves deriding Christians who hold God’s definition of marriage as expressed in the Bible. He has even gone as low as defending abortion. How true it is that the corruption of the best is the worst. 

In Coren’s warped worldview, it’s just fine for a parent to destroy her preborn child because of the circumstances of that baby’s conception. But if a parent decides to protect her child from a negative influence in a film, then suddenly she is a “bigot” and a “beast.”

But, of course, Coren thinks that it’s perfectly natural and normal for two men or two women to be sexually attracted to each other, to become “married,” to masturbate with one another, and to adopt and raise children. And Christians who faithfully follow the Bible and who agree with science that it takes both a mother and a father to properly raise a child have no place in his worldview. 

And speaking about the Bible, here’s something telling: As Coren goes out of his way to bash Bible-believing Christians who see a problem with a film containing blatant homosexual indoctrination, the film’s director admitted in a 2012 interview with Passport Magazine that he has a fetish to “rip pages out of the Bible” when he enters hotel rooms. See any similarity?

Christian parents have every right to boycott a film they think might harm their children. 

Who can blame parents who believe in real marriage for not wanting their children to experience what the film’s director called an “exclusively gay moment” in the Disney movie?

Tell Disney 'NO' to the LGBT agenda in Beauty and the Beast. Sign the boycott pledge here

Director Bill Condon ignited controversy earlier this month when he disclosed in an interview that the Le Fou character would exhibit same-sex attraction toward the character of Gaston.

“Le Fou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” he said, adding that the homosexual subplot leads up to a “nice, exclusively gay moment.” 

According to a report by The Charlotte Observer’s Lawrence Toppman, there are two homosexual moments in the film. The first comes when “a young man whirls into the surprised Le Fou’s arms, and they dance happily away together” and a bit later in that number, Le Fou “spins across the room and lands on the reclining Gaston’s lap, wrapping Gaston’s arms around him.”

Of course, Christian parents don’t want their children being exposed to blatant homosexual propaganda. 

They don’t want their kids wondering if perhaps it’s OK for two men to have a romantic relationship together. And parents certainly don’t want their children exposed to the insinuation of a homosexual lap dance. Gross. 

The real “beast” here is surely not the parents who are being hit over the head from a bully pulpit by someone who doesn’t agree with how they’re raising their kids.

The “fatal beastliness” that Coren says he sees in Christian parents is really coming out from his own pen as he derides them for their beliefs. Maybe it's time for Coren to stand in front of a mirror big enough so he can notice the giant redwood in his own eye.

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Pete Baklinski is Director of Communications for Campaign Life Coalition, a Canadian pro-life organization working at all levels of government to secure full legal protection for all human beings, from the time of conception to natural death. He has a B.A. in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College and a masters in theology (STM) from the International Theological Institute.