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Beware this abortion propaganda masquerading as a defund Planned Parenthood petition

Another effort to scare people into thinking the world will end if the abortion company is defunded.
Mon Jun 26, 2017 - 12:53 pm EST
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June 26, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Abortion activists are trying to "educate" pro-lifers about what Planned Parenthood "really" does, but in the process are showing that they're the ones who need educating. 

Three ad agency employees launched, which asks users to sign a petition defunding Planned Parenthood. Users are to select the "services you would like to defund." 

"But it's actually a bait," explains Business Insider. "The website is designed to educate people about Planned Parenthood’s various offerings."

Clicking on "defund abortion" results in a red message: "NO government funding has gone towards abortions since 1976 so you can’t defund them."



Sure, the federal money Planned Parenthood receives can't technically fund most abortions. But it can keep the lights on. And help with overhead costs. And pay staff who do abortions. And pay for lots of other things that keep the abortion business afloat.

Giving Planned Parenthood money that's "not for abortions" is like giving a heroin addict money for groceries – so he can spend his other grocery money on drugs. 

The petition allows users to advocate "defunding" a number of services...many of which aren't even offered at Planned Parenthood.

For example, according to this fake petition, the abortion company offers "adoption referrals," "healthy relationship advice," "help on ending abusive relationships," "pediatric care," and "prenatal services." 

Don't take it from me – take it from Planned Parenthood themselves. If you're a pregnant woman and you go looking for prenatal care or adoption help at Planned Parenthood, you're not going to find it.

A Live Action investigation showed what Planned Parenthood is really about when its workers explained they don't do prenatal care because they "specialize in abortions."

"We don't see pregnant women as a way of giving prenatal care," another worker said. A Bend, Oregon Planned Parenthood worker told Live Action the organization doesn't offer any prenatal care services in Oregon or Washington – and that it's "not licensed to do so in Oregon or Washington."

"I thought you helped with adoptions," a Live Action investigator asked Planned Parenthood in another part of its "Abortion Corporation" exposé.

"No, we do abortions," the Flagstaff, Arizona Planned Parenthood employee answered.

"We only offer, um, like pregnancy tests and then abortion care, if that’s what you wanted to go with," a Brooklyn Park, Minnesota employee said. 

Here's the "healthy relationship advice" Planned Parenthood can offer: whips, clamps, and rope burns during sex are "normal" even if you're a minor. "Pooping" on a partner can be "really fun." 

Planned Parenthood doesn't give "help on ending abusive relationships" – but it does give help on continuing them. The company aides and abets child sex traffickers and helps cover up the sex abuse of minors.

All of the other "services" that the "petition" says Planned Parenthood allegedly provides can easily be gotten at Federally Qualified Community Health Centers or the office of a doctor who doesn't chop up children for a living. Or CVS, in the case of the "flu vaccine" and "condoms" that will apparently be "defunded."

And, for the record, Planned Parenthood's condoms consistently get the worst customer ratings

Here is a real petition to defund Planned Parenthood.

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