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President Joe Biden delivers a primetime speech at Independence National Historical Park September 1, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Alex Wong / Getty Images

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This is the commentary on the LifeSite reports published Monday, September 26.

Dear readers, 

We had numerous major news reports come out on Monday, which is unusual for the beginning of the week. Be sure to read as much as you can as history is being made. 

As for the Fall campaign, there has thankfully been a large increase in donations from Friday to Monday. We are getting a lot closer to halfway to the $500,000 goal and are most grateful and encouraged. 

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The note for Friday’s news did not go out that evening. However, it was posted to the website and comments indicate appreciation. LifeSite’s breaking story on the insane FBI raid on the home of pro-life activist Mark Houck was especially addressed. 

READ: There is raw evil in the top levels of power in the USA, using federal agencies to terrify America’s best citizens 

That article on the FBI raid, which included exclusive, shocking comments from Mark’s wife Ryan-Marie, has gone viral, as we reported here, with most news outlets amplifying LifeSiteNews’ story focused on the FBI show of force used to terrorize and intimidate Mark and his family. 

There should be tons of public support for Mark. Americans should also demand the immediate removal of Department of Justice head Merrick Garland who has been approving these types of FBI raids.  

This latest one on Friday takes the cake for utter stupidity and abuse. The U.S. mid-terms have now become more important than ever. 

On Monday we published an exceptional, exclusive and enlightening LifeSite interview with Brian Middleton, spokesman for Mark and his family. Be sure to watch it.

All of the above especially indicates how important it is for LifeSite to exist. Otherwise, you would only be getting a twisted government-approved version of this invasion and arrest that would make Mark look bad and allegedly deserving of that ridiculous raid and federal FACE Act criminal charge. They are not going to get away with that this time. 

Among others, Sen. Josh Hawley is demanding answers from Garland on what could possibly justify what happened last Friday. Hawley rightfully stated, “If you are trying to inspire confidence in your department, you are failing magnificently.” Have you ever noticed how Garland always seems to look like a deer blinded by headlights when responding to questions about his department’s decisions? 

We reported that a Canadian woman died minutes after getting a COVID booster shot in a pharmacy and the provincial government is typically denying that her death had anything to do with the shot. It seems that they believe their mass formation tactics have permanently removed common sense from the minds of citizens. The incident especially highlights how incredibly dangerous the jabs can be. 

We also reported on the vigil that took place for the deceased woman over the weekend outside the Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart where she received her COVID booster before dropping dead to the floor within minutes of receiving the shot. How could anyone continue to work there and continue to give those deadly jabs after experiencing what took place that day? These shots have to be considered a deadly biological weapon that can kill and maim a not insignificant percentage of recipients. 

Another report from the weekend was on the Pope wrongly joining population control activist Jeffrey Sachs to push the anti-human “climate change” agenda at a conference supported by Sachs. Nothing more needs to be said about that. 

The next two are of great significance. I am sorry, these are quite disturbing and also related to the Great Reset global agenda. No words we can use can adequately describe the evil related to them. Of course, we don’t want to have to read about such things. For the sake of today’s young people, we must nevertheless try our best to learn about them, do whatever little or much that we can to wake people up, and encourage strong resistance.  

Biden’s biotech executive order, which signals U.S. government approval and complicity in the transhumanist agenda, has, among other things, the potential to alter the biology of the entire human race.

Your first question is probably, “What is transhumanism?” I have been avoiding this topic myself because I am overwhelmed with everything else going on. Keep in mind we have often written that the issues we report on are all connected and part of what is mostly an anti-human, anti-God movement of powerful global elites. Abortion is their sacrament.  

No mainstream media will report what is in this thorough Mercola article and the next one, or at least not report on transhumanism as honestly. All of humanity needs to become aware of what is being attempted. It is truly diabolical. Its promoters try to make it sound wonderful and something to be welcomed. Don’t let anyone you know fall for this. Please educate yourselves. 

The next crucial one is “FDA uses transhumanist language to push new COVID boosters.” The FDA is definitely not to be trusted on just about anything anymore. 

Another LifeSite article published earlier this week on Dr. Fauci could be exceptionally useful to finally convince persistent mask wearers to stop their useless, harmful mask self-abuse – New book claims Fauci privately mocked people who followed his advice on masks, goggles. Fauci laughs over the naivete of people actually believing the ridiculous things he says that often contradict what he has previously said. No one wants to be considered a fool. That can be a powerful motivator.  

Lastly, is the good news that the Canadian gov’t confirmed a September 30 end to its COVID travel mandates. No more federal testing, quarantine, and isolation requirements, as well as the mandatory submission of health information in ArriveCAN. That was much too long in coming. We are certain many Canadian families will be experiencing a long-overdue reunion in the next several weeks and months with family they have painfully missed for over two and a half years. However, we encourage Canadian readers to keep up pressure on the government to never bring back those restrictions that violate Canadian Charter rights.

Oh, and I forgot, Conservative, anti-woke leader Giorgia Meloni won the Italian election. This may prove to be hugely good news. Meloni said, “We will defend God, country and family” and “We will do it to defend our freedom, because we will never be slaves.” Wow! Few expected this development, which is an earthquake that could upset the entire authoritarian European Union in a good way.

So, there you have it again, those are just a few of the amazing LifeSite reports that can only be published and distributed because of the kindness and generosity of our financial supporters.

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Steve Jalsevac,


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