Dr. Jenn Gunter completed her OB/GYN training in 1995 and practices in the San Francisco area. So the botched abortion she described on her blog on February 11 was legal, although she was murky on that detail (clarified in a follow-up, wherein she also clarified this poor mother lived).

Yet this near death was only partially the fault of the quack abortionist. In Dr. Gunter’s opinion it was also the fault of stigma of illegal immigration, society for making abortion shameful, and inadequate access to contraception and sex ed.

The only point upon which Dr. Gunter and I agree is that illegal immigrants are more likely to be taken advantage of by abortionists. Porous borders only increase the likelihood of botched abortions, not to mention sex-trafficking. But where is the abortion industry? Why isn’t it policing its own? Low-life abortionists prey on illegals, they know this. Excerpts from the post…

On the gurney lay a young woman the color of white marble. The red pool between her legs, ominously free of clots, offered a silent explanation.

“She arrived a few minutes ago. Not even a note.” My resident was breathless with anger, adrenaline, and panic.

I had an idea who she went to. The same one the others did. The same one many more would visit. A doctor, but considering what I had seen he could’t have any formal gynecology training. The only thing he offered that the well-trained provers didn’t was a cut-rate price. If you don’t know to ask, well, a doctor is a doctor. That’s assuming you are empowered enough to have such a discussion. I was also pretty sure his office didn’t offer interpreters….

The urologist, whose room I appropriated, blustered and sputtered in behind me. “What the f*** are you doing barging in, I’ve got another case…” but as we moved my patient over to the operating table and he saw the blood, he stopped. He grabbed a tray of instruments and opened. “I’ll be your scrub.”

The anesthesiologist was pissed. Not really mad, more riled up than anything. No one likes to be blind sided, no matter how well intentioned. And he probably thought I was over reacting. That is until he put in another intravenous.

“F***.” What looked like blood tinged water flashed back.

And now they all understood what I knew the second I laid eyes on this patient. Abortions that go horribly wrong bleed out. Quickly.

The room filled with surgeons, nurses, and students eager to help. To do something. Anything.

I opened the vagina and by feel clamped through the holes on either side of the uterus where I knew from experience I would find the uterine arteries, the likely site of the puncture. I didn’t know which side, and at that point it didn’t matter. I just needed to stop the blood flow. It took less than a minute. She would have bled to death if I had opened her belly….

We were all bonded by this nameless woman whose life we were desperately trying to save. And we were bearing witness, because we knew if she died it was unlikely anyone would read about her in the paper. It was unlikely her family would protest. A myriad of potential reasons. Shame of the abortion. Distrust of government. Fear of immigration officials.

The urologist, a grizzled older man with whom I had nothing in common except a medical degree and this patient, rested his hand on my shoulder….

“You done good.” He said. And then he added, “Those bastards.”

I knew he was referring not just to the physician who did this procedure, but to everyone in society who had contributed to a disadvantaged woman finding herself in such a desperate situation.

A commenter named Judy Stone, MD, added:

I occasionally see infectious complications and dread the coming days when we will see more young women die from botched abortions or sepsis. It is incomprehensible to me that the euphemistically self-appointed “right to life” religious zealots also oppose contraceptives, which would reduce abortions, and aid for pregnant women and young children…

Excuse me, whose fault are those glossed over “infectious complications”? What is the difference between post-abortion infections now and post-abortion infections when they are again illegal? The same antibiotics will save mothers then as now.

Amazing to me is the failure of these medical professionals to objectively analyze the unethical abortion industry. Abortion is legal. Botches like this aren’t supposed to happen. Hillary Clinton wants to “keep” abortion safe, legal, and rare. Which means she thinks it already is safe.

It, of course, is not. And it’s no one’s fault but the abortion industry’s, which fights every regulation, every attempt at informed consent.

Doctors like Gunter and Stone are so consumed with protecting abortion, these botched abortions are also their fault.

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