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(LifeSiteNews) –– On this week’s episode of the Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland exhorts his listeners to fearlessly defend truth in the face of woke ideology, reminding Catholics it is not just a winning strategy, but a moral obligation. 

His Excellency began the show with a brief exposition of the Catholic faith, holding that the faithful should “be anchored” on the truths handed down from Christ and the Apostles in the Deposit of Faith. 

He also noted that while some would say that Christ exhorted His followers not to judge others, He did stress the reality of the judgement of God.

Strickland then stressed the importance of making judgments in accordance with the truth, saying “We do make judgments, and we make judgment based on the truth that we know. And the truth is what God has revealed to us, plus the natural law and what we can come to know simply by being human beings created in the image and likeness of God.”  

His Excellency explained further, observing that it is better to tell people the unchanging truth rather than abide by how they identify, calling it “insane,” “ridiculous,” and “harmful.”  

“We’ve got to remember these basic truths, and not let anyone scare us or yell [at] us … all this stuff that’s going on … to cause us to be woke,” he added.  

“Woke is as dead asleep as anything. Being awakened is knowing the truth of Jesus Christ. ‘Woke’ needs to be opposed by every person of faith.” 

“I’m sure [the faithful] get more and more tired and sickened by what we see going on,” he continued. “I mean, things like Bud Light and Target, and all of these things we need to quit. I’m just saying us collectively. We need to know the truth. We need to simply say, ‘No! I’m not going to spend a dollar in your store or on your product or on anything you’re doing.’” 

His Excellency also referenced the recent invitation that the L.A. Dodgers sent to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a blasphemous group of men that dress as nuns and mock Our Lord and Our Lady. Strickland then applauded the strong reaction of Archbishop. Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco to the anti-Catholic group. 

“We need to speak up … Thankfully, Archbishop Cordileone, he nailed it when he talked about this garbage going on at Dodger Stadium. And in itself, it’s satanic. It’s evil. And he said it shows what god … these people worship. And he’s absolutely right. They worship the worldly, fake, non-divine gods of money and power and worldly influence. And it is the path to hell. And they need to wake up. And anyone of faith needs to be stronger in faith than ever.” 

“If you know the truth, you have to share it,” His Excellency stated. “And no power on earth can or should cause us to tone it down or to be quiet.” 

Later in the episode, His Excellency compared the obligation on the part of today’s faithful to Our Lord preaching the truth even though He knew it would mean His eventual death. 

Reflecting on St. John’s Gospel particularly, His Excellency observed “In John’s Gospel, it’s a common theme. It is not his hour. That’s repeated over and over again, in other gospels as well, but especially in John. And it just really has struck me how many times Jesus is threatened with death, but He continues His mission, knowing ultimately, [that He will die].” 

Noting that Our Lord did not face threats to His Life until He began His Public Ministry, His Excellency continued, “Jesus wasn’t threatened … until he was 30 years old. Were people going after Jesus? No, because He was quiet. He was preparing. He was getting ready to reveal who He truly was. But what happens once He begins? He’s constantly threatened by the world to shut Him up. He’s told to quit. I mean, as His apostles are told to quit using His Name after He dies, rises and ascends to the Father. Pentecost happens and they’re told, ‘Quit speaking the Name of this Jesus’. It’s causing all kinds of trouble because the truth does divide, just like Jesus said.” 

“I think … we’ve got to be stronger than ever,” His Excellency added. “We need to not be complacent. We should never attack anyone. Because even the person with the most insane ideas is a child of God. But out of love for them, we’ve got to speak up for the truth.” 

For this and more, tune in to this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show.

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