August 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Private Bradley Manning was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years in prison for the largest-ever leak of classified U.S. military documents which he passed on to WikiLeaks. An August 21 report on Breitbart News reveals that Manning, who now calls himself Chelsea and had undergone transition to a female identity while in prison, is exhibiting significant mental disturbance through his public “support for violence against 'fascists' and the abolition of borders, the police, and prisons.”

Breitbart unfortunately did not have the courage to refer to Manning as his biological “he,” but instead took the “Emperor has no clothes” approach of referring to him as “she” in its report.

In the report, they listed that “Chelsea” Manning,

  • claims “we live in a police/military/intel state” and that “we need to dismantle it before it destroys us all.”

  • is calling for action to “open all borders, to everyone, always,” with “no exceptions,” not even convicted felons.

  • proclaimed that “what they call ‘heritage’ and ‘tradition’ we call ‘oppression’ and ‘fascism’.”

  • expressed vocal support for “mobs who illegally tear down historical statues,” as well as “direct action” and “any means necessary” to combat what he calls the “fascism” of American traditions, government and law enforcement.

Manning was released from prison 28 years early after being pardoned by President Obama as one of Obama's last acts as president in January of this year.

Obama’s action was almost certain to result in tragedy for many persons struggling with gender confusion in that he gave the credibility of his high office to the mentally and socially dangerous gender transition process.

LifeSite published a report from the Witherspoon Institute stating that,

We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person. Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them. The current method of addressing this concern is only making matters worse. Treatment needs to address the core problem.

There have been many studies and reports from unbiased, caring mental health experts urging the necessity of psychological treatment for those with strong transgender dispositions.

Even though he has received much public and now state support for his desired gender change, Manning is nevertheless descending further into paranoia and irrational, deep hatred to the point of advocating violence against his imagined enemies. These are clear indications of growing mental illness.

It does not take much imagination to predict how extensively such disturbed, anti-social behavior will increase in any nation that gives wide social approval of transgenderism and forces acceptance of transgendered desires and demands.

Bradley, a.k.a. Chelsea, Manning has become a true fascist who wants to destroy his imaginary “fascists” who ironically are the only ones who would help him.

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