This morning pro-lifers were singing and praying in front of Mississippi’s lone remaining abortion clinic when a security guard pepper-sprayed three of them in the face.

The aggressor was Roy Benjamin, a private, armed security guard who works for Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in Jackson.

Clinic staff had placed an oscillating sprinkler on the public sidewalk to spray pro-lifers (also blocking the entrance to patrons).

Benjamin apparently became incensed after 15-yr-old Jim Zastrow put his shoe over the oscillator to keep it from spraying his father Cal, who was witnessing to mothers and staff on the public sidewalk next to it.

After Jim refused to move his foot, Benjamin suddenly and without warning left clinic property and shot first Jim and then Cal in the face with pepper spray.

When pro-lifer Doug Lane, who was videotaping the scene, told Benjamin, “Dude, you’re going to jail on that one, bro,” Benjamin pepper-sprayed him in the face as well.

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All three were taken to the hospital, where they were treated for eye and facial irritation. All three have been released.

When I spoke with Cal, he was at the police station pressing charges. Good for him.

Here’s video of the incident:

Here is how the incident was described on

Jackson Police Department spokeswoman Officer Colendula Green said… when the three pro-life supporters came onto the property, the guard turned on a sprinkler and got them wet. The trio walked toward the guard and a verbal argument broke out between them, which resulted in the guard spraying them, she said.

Clinic officials said the sprinkler was there to water the grass….

“When you’ve got people screaming at the women who come in here and a governor who evidently thinks that’s OK, this is exactly what’s going to happen,” said clinic owner Diane Derzis.

Derzis said the guard felt threatened and defended himself.

Fortunately there is video to prove this was all totally fabricated.

And who waters their grass in 45 degree weather in January?

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