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Can you be gay and Christian? Here’s what the Bible says

You’ll find your answers here.
Tue May 8, 2018 - 12:10 pm EST
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May 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – It’s the question I’m asked over and over again. It’s the question that’s dividing churches and separating family members. It’s the question that must be answered: Can you be gay and Christian?

Well, if you claim to be a Christian, that means that Jesus is your Lord and the Bible tells you how to follow him. So, the real question is: What does Jesus have to say about this? And what does the Bible – God’s Word – have to say? That’s what we need to find out.

Of course, we understand that every Christian struggles in some area, whether it be pride or anger or lust or jealousy or greed. But we also recognize that acting on these desires and attitudes is sinful, and so we say ‘No’ to them and ‘Yes’ to the Lord. 

In the same way, some Christians struggle with same-sex attractions, saying ‘No’ to acting on those attractions and ‘Yes’ to following the Lord. That’s their area of temptation and battle.

But what about those who say, “God made me gay, and if I’m in a committed relationship, the Lord is pleased. After all God is love, and love wins. What the Bible opposes is abusive relationships, like homosexual pederasty and prostitution and promiscuity. That’s what the Scriptures condemn. But the Lord blesses committed same-sex relationships.”

Is this true?

There’s only one way to answer this question. With humility, we must come to God and His Word and say, “Father, whatever You say, we will obey. We only want Your will.”

So, what does God’s Word have to say? Can you practice homosexuality and follow Jesus at the same time? And does God’s Word 

We’ve put together a 6-minute video that answers this head-on, clarifying misunderstandings, dispelling myths, and offering hope.

Can you gay and Christian? You’ll find your answers here.

Editor's Note: In this 'Consider This' episode above Dr. Brown tackles this controversial issue.

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