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Erin O'Toole, former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, ousted by his own party in Feb. 2022.Global News / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Whatever conservatism means to you, I would imagine it at least means anything but leftism. Conservative Part of Canada leader Erin O’Toole apparently knows none of this.

Erin O’Toole is as conservative as Justin Trudeau, which is to say he is not conservative at all.

Perhaps he fools some people because he wears the proper color of tie and the tailored suit; and maybe by appealing to numbers and charts at times feigns in the mind of the conservative Canadian some semblance of fiscal responsibility — but do not be fooled.

He is pro-choice, pro redefinition of marriage, pro heavy handed COVID policy, and has even embraced the environmentalist movement and proposed a “conservative” version of carbon taxes called a “carbon pricing plan.”

In essence, he is a Marxist, even if he does not know it.

He supports all the hallmarks of Marx’s damnable philosophy: destruction of family, feminism, expansion of government control, degradation of Christian morality, etc.

It seems the only thing he seeks to conserve are the structures and ideas that continue to degrade Canada as she falls deeper into a Trudopian nightmare.

I am convinced that not only is he ineffective and feckless as a conservative leader, but that he might not actually be that bright, either.

I do not mean to suggest that he is not functionally intelligent, as he was a military man, however, he seems to be completely unaware of what the majority of conservative Canadians actually believe.

He cannot read the room

Say what you will about the compromised principles of most politicians, you would expect that they can at least read the room and spout the ideas that a given base would find popular.

However, O’Toole seems to be too much of a tool to even do that.

Granted, conservative media in Canada have been abysmal, with the majority trumpeting the lies and fearmongering propaganda for the first year of the declared pandemic. Nonetheless, it has been for some time that there has been a growing awareness among even the compromised conservative pundits that a large portion of Canadians are done with COVID.

It has long been established that Florida is not a mythological place that can only be found by transgressing the bounds of a wardrobe in the English countryside. Mask mandates are clearly a failure, and as children have been sacrificed for the Faucian religion, parents have finally removed their heads from the posterior caverns and realized that the kids are not alright.

National media are now even admitting — while feigning confusion as to why — that the vaccinated spread COVID more virulently than the unvaccinated.

As a result, Canada’s conservative outlets have finally jumped on the Truth Train and began criticizing COVID policy in ways that only “conspiracy theorists” were doing just months ago.

Jordan Peterson has become a full-on freedom fighter, and one of the authors of the Canadian Constitution is suing the Prime Minister over breaches of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Who better to interpret the Constitution than a man who wrote it?

And, virtually everyone and their dog who would identify as even a tiny bit conservative, right wing, or sane, is now supporting the Freedom Convoy of truckers riding towards Ottawa.

O’Toole, apparently, is too much of a fool to read the room and recognize any of that.

Spineless Leftist

I almost hesitate to call him a Marxist when I consider the legacy of Marxism.

For all the faults — and there are many — of yesterday’s Communists, they were at one time a motivated group of men who held to diabolical principles. Stalin was a demon, but he was a hard-working demon. Guevara was a mad man, but he was a mad man with the guts to actually risk his life for what he believed.

If O’Toole is a Marxist, he is a spineless Marxist, which is to say a modern leftist. A man with no spine will bend in whatever direction the pressure pushes him.

He is for vaccine mandates, but only until there is a bit of an outcry, then he is for vaccine mandates with limited exceptions for rapid testing.

A week ago he was asked about whether truckers should be mandated vaccines, and he replied with a spineless and meaningless response where he went on with some gobbledygook about how the Liberals are to blame.

Then, after his own ministers have continued to come out in explicit support of the truckers, he has changed his tune a bit and said that he will support the truckers in some way by meeting with them.

He even released a video saying that truckers are the “COVID heroes” and that the vaccine mandates are “unfair to them.”

But Erin the Red can’t simply say the right thing without showing his hammer and sickle.

In a column he wrote for the Toronto Sun, he called for “educational programs” and “vaccine clinics … along trucking routes” in order to “encourage” more truckers to take the jab.

Does this man not know anything about anything?

If a truck driver has not taken the jab by now, and is willing to spend his own money and drive to Ottawa to camp out indefinitely until federal laws are changed, does he actually think that some more ineffectual propaganda will change his mind?

There is a level of hubris and stupidity that only politicians can simultaneously convey.

O’Toole will be blown away by the winds of change

The winds of change are blowing through with glacial gusts during these Canadian winter months, and it seems as though the warmth of a Canadian Spring is upon us.

It is fitting that this movement is happening during the coldest time of the year, as our cold-hearted leaders have frozen our rights for too long.

The temperature is heating up in Ottawa, and O’Toole is not cool enough to withstand what is coming. Canadians are tired of his nonsense, and conservatives are increasingly offended at how low he must think their collective IQ really is.

When you do meet with the trucking convoy, Mr. O’Toole — assuming you meet with the actual truckers and not some contrived group of controlled opposition — do not be surprised if they tell you to long-haul your hind parts out of Ottawa so that the big boys can go to work.

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Kennedy Hall is an Ontario based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He is married with children and has a deep love for literature and political philosophy. He is the author of Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, a non-fiction released by TAN books, and Lockdown with the Devil, a fiction released by Our Lady of Victory Press. He writes frequently for Crisis Magazine, Catholic Family News, and is on the editorial board at OnePeterFive.