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Help Jenny Porter recover from her vaccine injury: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) – Like my co-worker Kennedy Hall, I too was returning to Canada two weekends ago after attending the LifeSite 25th anniversary Gala. I was a day behind Kennedy, and I had already heard of the crimes committed against him and his family, so I prepared myself for the crossing.

My circumstances were a bit different. I had no special papers, I had no exemptions, and while I have had COVID, and in theory should be credited with natural immunity, in the eyes of our government here in Canada, I had nothing.

It should be noted that I don’t believe I have to have proof or papers, as it is a violation of the Charter of Rights in more than one place, it is a violation of privacy, and it is a violation of jurisdictions and overreach of authority. I just don’t care what fascists say I have to do. They are fascists, living in lawlessness. 

That being said, I did my due diligence before coming home. I stopped at a little rest stop just before the border, and put LifeSite logos prominently on my car. I double checked my dash cam was functioning correctly. I even downloaded a PDF copy of the BSO (Border Services Officer) operations manual. Which states in section 9.4: “Once the BSO is satisfied that the person is a Canadian citizen, the person must be allowed to enter Canada without further delay.”

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I knew from my research that a BSO did not have the authority to seize my passport, unless I was being charged with a crime that considered me a flight risk, or I had violated a very specific set of regulations. In most cases a justice has to issue an order for the seizure. Whatever the case, I had prepared myself for the crossing. 

Upon pulling up to the gate, the female officer asked me the standard questions about where I was coming from, how long I was there, and if I had anything to declare.

She then asked me with concern in her voice, “You didn’t use ArriveCAN? Are you vaccinated?”

“No,” I replied. 

“Did you get an arrival test?”

“No,” I stated.

After this brief exchange, she then closed the window and spoke with the officer whom I would get to know better in a bit, and then opened the window to inform me that they needed to verify that my declaration was true, telling me I needed to go to an inspection bay to have my car searched.

Despite already admitting that I had not used ArriveCAN, that I was unvaccinated, and that I had not taken any tests, they were somehow still doubting my “honesty.”

I had no obligation to answer any of those follow up questions, as it was a matter of privacy, but I consider it a badge of honor in Trudeau’s Canada that I’ve not been vaccinated or tested.

I chose to give them that information, but in hindsight I probably should have not responded, as when she gave me my passport back there was a yellow card in it which stated in red that I was “No ArriveCAN, No Vax, No Test.”

I then pulled into the inspection bay, where I was met with a younger, male officer. After going through the same questions I was asked initially by the female officer, he asked me about LifeSite and began to look nervous.

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Support Brave Ottawa Detective, Suspended for Investigating the Truth About Child COVID Vaccines
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Constable Helen Grus has twice been targeted by her own Ottawa Police Department for holding “anti-vaccine and anti-mask views” — and has now been suspended for standing for the truth about possibly fatal COVID vaccine effects on infants. 


Const. Grus has been a stalwart defender of medical freedom and transparency, serving as just one of a small handful of officers who have bravely stood up against Canada’s unrelenting enforcement of COVID vaccines and mandates. 

However, the Ottawa Police Department has now suspended Const. Grus for investigating a possible link between several infant deaths and COVID vaccines. The suspension comes despite police officers regularly asking other citizens for their vaccine status — it seems the question is verboten only when the establishment is uncomfortable.

But before Const. Grus could continue her work into this disturbing pattern, the Ottawa Police quickly banned and suspended her from discovering the vaccination statuses of additional parents who have lost infants.


There is good reason for Const. Grus' suspicions regarding potentially fatal COVID vaccine side effects.

In fact, American-based leading COVID expert, Dr. Peter McCullough, has sounded the alarm against mass-COVID vaccinations twice — and is facing backlash from his own medical profession as well.

There is too much on the line for us to lose this fight for medical transparency. That's why more people MUST hear about Const. Grus’ attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding potentially fatal effects linked to COVID vaccines and suspicious infant deaths.

With enough Canadians spreading the truth first investigated by Const. Grus, we can overcome the mainstream narrative and government censorship surrounding COVID vaccines.

Now is the time to stand together in support of Const. Grus and condemn the Ottawa Police Department's censorship — stand with Const. Grus and her brave attempt for medical transparency and the truth about COVID vaccination!



Const. Grus is a hero for medical freedom and transparency. Stand with her now! 

Thank You 

P.S. — The Ottawa Police Department is expecting to quickly silence Const. Grus without the public's knowledge. But with your help spreading this important message, Const. Grus will gain the attention she needs to sound the alarm against potentially fatal effects linked to COVID and suspicious infant deaths. Stand with Const. Grus before Ottawa Police completely silence her!

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Visibly trembling, he told me I couldn’t record and asked me to turn my phone off (he didn’t say anything about the dash cam), which I fear is how citizens get taken advantage of by government officials.

Since I knew the dash cam was recording, I complied, wanting to know what they would do. The officer himself was very professional and friendly, and upon completing his inspection, signed off on the yellow card, put it back in my passport, and gave it back to me. He then asked me to go back down to the main office. 

This is the point where I had a decision to make. The BSOs had completed all of their duties, I had fulfilled all of mine. Legally, I didn’t need to go back to the office. I had made my declaration, they had determined it to be true, and they had determined I was a Canadian.

Should I drive away? Would they blare the sirens and swarm my vehicle with guns drawn if I left? After witnessing the trucker protest and the Coutts border “blockade,” I put nothing beneath them. Figuring it was best to not press my luck, I made the unfortunate mistake of returning to the office. 

Once I entered the office, I approached the counter, set my passport down with the yellow card in it, and told the officer that I was instructed to come down here, though I did not know why.

After inspecting the yellow card, he informed me it was because I was not vaccinated.

This was their first major mistake. I am under no obligation to submit to the BSOs for vaccination examination. He said he needed to give my details to Health Canada and asked me to give him my drivers license. This was my second mistake. Why did he need my driver’s license? He had my passport. He said he needed a phone number. Again, information they did not have the authority to ask for. He said it was so Health Canada could call me, when in reality it was because he was going to hold my driver’s license and passport until he saw Health Canada call me in his presence—something I maintain is highly illegal and tantamount to unlawful detainment. 

Since I didn’t know he meant for me to get the call while in his presence, I gave them a number that wasn’t my cell number, after all, I didn’t want to give a federal agency my cell phone number.

After waiting for the call for a while, a call I knew I wouldn’t get, I asked the officer, “May I have my passport please?” To which he responded, “No.”

I informed him that he “can’t keep my passport,” to which he said, “Oh, yes I can: it is federal property.”

While the passport is technically federal property, that fact has no bearing on whether he had the authority to seize my passport under these circumstances, which he most certainly did not.

Besides that, he also had my driver’s license, which is not federal property.

He would not return either ID, leaving me no choice but to endure this illegal detention as it would have been an infraction for me to drive without my license, albeit a minor one.

At this point, I decided I wasn’t going to play their game anymore. I began taking actions to see that I got out of there, with the intention of filing a complaint once I was at a safe distance. 

I sat down and waited for the woman from Health Canada, the officer’s co-conspirator as it were, to call him back and complain that the phone number wasn’t working. You see, I have 5 different phone numbers, and I have multiple that I can come up with on the fly, as I used to work for a phone company. I had previously (remember I said I was prepared) set up a land line phone number that forwarded all calls to a different number. When the officer informed me that Health Canada wasn’t able to get through, I gave him the forwarding number, so that they didn’t have my regular number. 

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When the woman from Health Canada called, she asked if I was “aware of the requirements for using ArriveCAN” and the corresponding testing and quarantine mandated by the program. 

With this being nothing more than an attempt to scare, intimidate, and entrap me, I simply replied that “I was unaware of any incumbrances in the mobility of my return home.”

She sighed at this, and began explaining what she believed I was required to do, saying she had the authority to enforce these actions upon me because of an “Order in Council” by the high Fascists of Canada.

After her scripted diatribe, in which I consistently had to bite my tongue to stop me from making snarky comments, she explained that they were not going to fine me, but simply give me a verbal warning, as if a Health Canada henchwoman’s “warning” carried any weight. 

She concluded by asking if I understood her. Again, an attempt at entrapment, should I ever try to come back into Canada again without first kissing the ring. I replied that I had understood the words that were used.

With the constant redefinition of words, namely man, woman, pandemic, and vaccination, how are we to really know what government officials are taking about at all anymore?

As someone who is intersex, as far as I knew this entire unlawful detention fiasco was nothing more than another example of anti-intersex discrimination! 

READ: I’m intersex, and I reject the LGBT pronoun madness

Either way, after listening to the Health Canada agent, the officer finally stamped the yellow card with a big red stamp, placed it under the counter, gave me my ransomed documents back with two test kits I had bought some time ago with my taxes, and let me go.

The whole ordeal took nearly 2 hours, and should have only taken 10 minutes at most. It was after dark now, I missed supper at home, and it was after the kids’ bedtime when I got in. 

While I was glad to have gone down to the office, because of all the evidence I was able to obtain of the lawless behavior of Health Canada and the BSOs, I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Help Jenny Porter recover from her vaccine injury: LifeFunder