Jonathon van Maren


Canadian abortion activists condemn ‘Protect Human Life Week’

Jonathon van Maren

So our friend Ms. Joyce Arthur and her pals at the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada are at it again. Instead of complaining to a London, Ontario fair about a pro-life booth (nice little fair you have there, it’d be a pity if something happened to it…), this time she’s complaining about the municipal government of Kelowna endorsing something called “Protect Human Life Week.” Because honestly, what sort of misogynist throwbacks believe in protecting human life, anyway?

In a letter sent to Mayor Walter Gray of Kelowna, Joyce complained that “Protect Human Life Week” was “highly inappropriate,” especially when the city stated that “It is the intention of this proclamation to promote respect and protection to all human life, especially the infirm, the aged, the handicapped, and the unborn.”

It’s always interesting to see the abortion activists come out from behind their rhetoric once in awhile and show people what they really think. The scientifically illiterate Ms. Arthur doesn’t even bother to claim in her letter that pre-born children aren’t human beings—only that these human beings somehow violate a “woman’s security of person.” That’s right. The second a brand new, irreplaceable and unrepeatable human being begins growing beneath a woman’s ribcage, Ms. Arthur views them suspiciously, waiting for he or she to act out and violate a woman’s security, glad that we have the right to deal with these miniature trouble makers with a suction machine or forceps if they should prove inconvenient and in need of hasty eviction. Somebody should tell Ms. Arthur that fetus-phobia can be treated by reading a few embryology textbooks.

Ms. Arthur’s letter is laughable on a number of levels. First, she implicitly states that no other point of view beyond the depraved stew she deals out to the media should be endorsed publicly. Second, she tries to don the mantle of public opinion, forgetting that while the Canadian public may well agree with her on early abortions, they diverge significantly from her bloodthirsty views on late-term abortion and infanticide. And third, she tries to invoke “human rights” to protest “Protect Human Life Week.”

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada had previously complained that a pro-life flag reading “From Conception to Natural Death” was slated to be flown in Kelowna. Their complaints should not surprise us, as their worldview depends on ignorance and censorship for survival. The abortion crowd is not really the flag-waving type. “From the Womb to the Trash Can” just doesn’t have as much of a ring to it.

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