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(LifeSiteNews) — A couple of days ago, Canadian reporter David Menzies of The Rebel appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight wearing a wig and massive prosthetic breasts. He looked ridiculous, which was his point — he was cosplaying as the internationally famous male transgender teacher who goes by the moniker “Kayla” Lemieux. All it takes to highlight how farcical Canadian public schools have become is to imitate her most famous teacher:

Menzies noted that back in October he went to a meeting of the Halton District School Board dressed precisely like the shop teacher in question, with a petition — and promptly got banned from every school property in the district for the rest of his life. As Menzies pointed out, “They’re down with the transgender agenda — but only when it’s in front of the kids.” The school board members fled, possibly concerned that they might be knocked over by Menzies’ prosthetics.

There’s an update to the story now — the Halton District School Board has unanimously passed a motion to draft a policy demanding that staff adhere to “dress and decorum in the classroom” and “maintain professional standards of dress.” This comes after four months of defending the “transgender” teacher’s use of fake breasts, sheer, tight tops, and short shorts in front of students who were told they would be suspended if they took photographs. The motion states:

Be it resolved that the director develop a professionalism policy which outlines the HDSB’s expectations of all staff members, including the requirement to maintain appropriate and professional standards of dress and decorum in the classroom.

A final version of the policy should be ready by March 1. This will come as welcome news to parents who have tried to no avail to get the board to respond to their concerns with protests, petitions, and legal letters. Celina Close, a mom with students at the school and spokesperson for parents frustrated with the situation, told the National Post that she is going to “reserve my celebration until I see what comes out of everything.”

“This should have happened in September. Something should have been done in September — and all along I knew this was possible,” she said. “Why didn’t someone stand up and do the right thing in September? Why didn’t they unanimously pass this in September? Why didn’t they think about the kids, why didn’t they think about the community, why didn’t they think about education in September, when it passes unanimously in January?”

For their part, the school board declined interviews, with director of education Curtis Ennis releasing an anodyne non-statement: “The HDSB’s commitment to human rights remains rooted in our core values and commitment to each and every student and staff who identifies as a member of an underserved and underrepresented group, and our approach is informed by opinions from leading employment law firms with human rights and equity advisers. This commitment and approach will continue to be applied as the HDSB looks to fulfill this motion.”

In an email to staff, he added, “I continue to take pride in the inclusiveness, compassion, kindness and respect that I see demonstrated in our schools every day. I am so proud to be a part of the Halton District School Board and see how our staff continue to promote positive learning and working environments to ensure safe and inclusive spaces for all students, staff and the community.”

It is a testament to the obtuseness and ideological rigidity of the Hamilton District School Board that, after four months of solemnly spouting their support of the transgender movement while a shop teacher cosplayed as a hentai porn star on school grounds, they managed to state with a straight face that they are proud of their record. Then again, if the last few months have proved anything at all, it is that they have a very difficult time seeing what is right in front of their faces.

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