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ABBOTSFORD, B.C. (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian teacher who taught for forty years has been fired for speaking out against the now roundly debunked “mass grave” narrative that Trudeau and the mainstream media peddled in 2021.

According to the National Post, Jim McMurtry was fired on Tuesday, February 21, for daring to speak out against the misinformation about the Canadian residential school history.

In 2021 when the “mass grave” narrative spread across Canada, faster than the dozens of Church burnings that it inspired, McMurtry corrected one of his students in a Grade-12 class who stated that priests had murdered and tortured children and left them to freeze to death in the snow.

He told the student that most children who died in residential schools died from disease, which was true not just of native children at that time, but children in general.

It may seem insane to hear that people were bandying around the notion that priests were essentially serial murderers for decades without ever being stopped, but that is what people thought.

I distinctly remember Canada Day in 2021 – what a dark day that was – and even family members had come to the conclusion that Catholic priests and nuns had ritually murdered children and thrown them into massive pits behind the schools.

Of course, as the Post report pointed out, nothing like this was ever recorded in any official report.

For his efforts, McMurtry was marched out of the school for having committed what might be the only mortal sin left in public education: not peddling a communist narrative.

Ironically, all McMurtry did was repeat information that was recorded in the federal government’s own Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report. The TCR report is far from a “conservative” or “right-wing” document, and has been sharply criticized for shoddy scholarship and not including the massive amounts of positive claims about residential schools.

Alas, McMurtry’s reference to historical information in a government-approved report that did not include positive information about the residential schools was seen as unacceptable, and he was suspended.

A year after his initial suspension he refused to remain silent about the injustice and was subsequently fired.

The report that recommended he be axed admitted that his commitment to telling the truth was why he was fired:

Given Mr. McMurtry’s assertions that he will not be ‘muzzled,’ that he has a democratic right to speak, that he will not follow directions, it is clear that Mr. McMurtry’s employment can no longer continue.

So, according to his employer, since McMurtry would not forego his “democratic right” or be “muzzled,” he of course must be fired.

It is worth remembering that we are not speaking about some renegade activist, but a teacher of four decades who simply corrected a student who said something different than the official government information. This affair is nothing more than an employer penalizing a man who is shedding light on the fact that the employer was wrong in the first place.

How have we arrived at the point where a public school teacher is disciplined for telling students information that was made available to the public by a publicly funded government inquiry?

As if the firing wasn’t absurd enough, McMurtry holds a master’s degree in the history of education and a doctorate in the philosophy of education, with a specialty in indigenous history.

The man is literally an accredited expert in education and the history of native Canadians, but was sacked for telling the truth about the history of native Canadians.

Apparently in Canada, any degrees and experience one might have is irrelevant if you don’t move at the speed of woke.

About the affair, McMurtry said:

This woke indoctrination [is] as offensive as any totalitarian ideology that has ever been pushed… There are people who believe that Canada is systemically racist and that all our ancestors were monsters. And I’m the person who is saying, ‘Well, let’s debate it. Let’s look at it.’

He also said that teachers “are walking on eggshells,” and need to speak up before it is too late.

It was reported that he was “terminated for just and reasonable cause,” but it seems that reason went out the window with the actual truth about native Canadian history.

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