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(LifeSiteNews) — Best known as the husband of conservative superstar Candace Owens, George Farmer says his Catholic faith plays a significant role in his life and work.

On today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I ask Farmer, who is also the CEO of Parler, to share his conversion story, why it only took him and Owens 17 days to get engaged after first meeting, and his thoughts on the current state of the Church.

Born into an evangelical Christian family after his father had a sudden conversion experience, Farmer says an Anglican priest and teacher who was discerning Catholicism himself helped Farmer dismiss “many of [his] preconceived notions about Catholicism.”

Farmer later had a “conversion of the heart,” not just an intellectual conversion, after seeing “more evil in the world now than ever before.”

“And then this led me to question where my own faith was and how seriously I was taking it. And what does it even mean to be involved in politics, or culture, or whatever it might mean, if you don’t have the Lord and you don’t have God?” he says. “And so for me, I think that was then the step where I just said, ‘Actually, I’ve got this all wrong and I’ve been ignoring Him for a long time and this is really important to me.'”

Farmer sees God’s divine providence working through his life, even if he can’t put his finger on exactly where the Lord is taking him. He says Catholicism is often a topic of discussion between him and Candace Owens, who is not (yet?) Catholic herself.

“You know that the rise of the secular agenda on the right is as much a concern as it is on the left. And I think as a result she feels very interested suddenly in the faith conversation,” he tells me. “She and I talk about Catholicism the whole time. Her faith journey is her own. I couldn’t put a place right now where she is. I wouldn’t know. But she is very, very interested. And we talk a lot about Catholic ideas. I play Catholic podcasts quite frequently. I play the sermons of Archbishop [Fulton] Sheen quite frequently as well. She gets a fair dose of those in the car. I have books and everything, and she’s read many of them.”

As far as the state of the Church is concerned, Farmer is deeply troubled at its trajectory under the “blissful ambiguity” of Pope Francis. But he reminds us that we ultimately have 2,000 years of Church doctrine — the truth — on our side.

“We are not just a ladder where you could knock down the rung beneath it. It is a seamless staircase where you need every stair to get to the top,” Farmer says. “And we have this great corpus, this great body of magisterial teaching which has been built up. And it cannot just be done away with in one papacy. It cannot just be done away with a few rogue cardinals talking about their personal position on Church teaching which runs directly in counter to everything that the Church has taught for thousands of years.”

“So the truth will always win.”

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