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Help a former Satanist fight abortion and the occult: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — Satanism seems to be on the rise in our culture. The Satanic Temple held their conference in Boston last April, and Satanists are often involved with abortion. So I thought it would be good to bring you to a former Satanist.

On this first part of a two-part episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I speak with Zachary King, a former Satanist, now practicing Catholic, to discuss how he became involved with the Church of Satan.

Growing up, King tells me, his parents and his Baptist preacher denied the existence of magic, something that fascinated him on account of levitation. According to them, magic was something that could only be done in films and books, despite the fact that the Bible forbids the practice of magic in 33 different verses.

One day when King was at school, however, a group of children gathered into the bathroom to perform the “Bloody Mary” trick. While he did not expect anything of it, King was fascinated when a face of what appeared to be a burn victim appeared in the mirror, prompting most of the children to rush out of the bathroom, some suffering serious injuries in the process.

“[I] stayed in the bathroom thinking, ‘This is the coolest thing in the world,’” King tells me. “I started playing the game at home … I wake up in the morning, play the game; brush my teeth, play the game; go to the bathroom, play the game … I’m playing it between 25 and 50 times a day.”

Seeking to do something greater, King sought to perform a real magic spell, something King says can only be done with demons present. Choosing to perform a spell for money, King did a spell twice in the course of a week and got $15. When he was doing “Bloody Mary” one day, he stopped and told the figure in the mirror that he wanted money. The following day, he found a roll of what he thought was Monopoly money. It turned out to be a roll of ten $100 bills.

At the age of twelve, King began spending time with a Satanic coven, without knowing that it was a coven. While there, people would do drugs, make child pornography, and ate whatever they wanted. Contrasting the coven with his father, King said that he and God were the “’no’ police.”

“Satan takes me to concerts, he lets me eat what I want, he lets me wear what I want, he lets me take the drugs that I want, he lets me have all the sex I want,” King explains. “He’s saying ‘yes’ to everything. God is saying ‘no’ to everything. Who’s the bad guy again?” King’s view of Satan was compounded by the belief that Satan was afraid of him for being a Baptist, as King was taught that as Christ conquered the devil on the Cross, Satan is afraid of the Baptist Church.

Eventually, someone ran up to King and told him that he was in a Satanic coven. When King approached one of the adults in the coven about it, the adult casually affirmed what King had been told, inviting him to join. Thinking that if he left the coven he would not be able to indulge his appetites, so he joined the coven, signing a document in his own blood claiming that Christ did not die for him, did not suffer for him, and that he sold his soul to the devil.

Eventually, King moved, and seeking out another Satanic coven, he was told to contact someone from the World Church of Satan, an organization King was told does not advertise itself. Showing up to a party with his ID, he found someone in a tuxedo with a top hat and wand, wearing face paint reminiscent of a member of the band “Kiss.” King was at first unable to find out who the man was.

At another party, King was told that the man was a high wizard, the person responsible for all “official magic.” Seeking to become High Wizard, King was told that all he needed to do was get the devil’s attention. 

“I knew from being in my first coven that abortion gets the devil’s attention,” King relates. According to him, a magician need only get blood on his hands in the process of a hex; whether it’s the mother’s or the baby’s is inconsequential. Further, while it may not always yield the entirety of the thing desired, it will get part of it so long as the devil gets what he wants, a dead baby.

King further tells me that Planned Parenthoods, even though they forbid Christian activity, do not forbid other religious activity, and will allow Satanists to use their locations for coven parties and be present at abortions. He also states that Satanic abortions don’t always occur in Planned Parenthoods, explaining that he’s seen cleaner farmhouses than Planned Parenthoods, though a doctor and nurse will always be on hand since “we don’t want to kill the woman.”

When he was 20, King was asked to meet the CEO and board of directors of the World Church of Satan, something that usually indicates a person is about to disappear. Describing the meeting, he said that it was a nice room with a leather chair and a black curtain.

“They tell me that I’ve been chosen to be the next High Wizard,” King says. “And they pulled this cord and the black curtain moved to the side and it had about nine different costumes that I could choose or I could choose my own. I could just invent my own look.

King was the high wizard for 12 years. “I did 146 assisted abortions, I helped split 120 churches,” King tells me, emphasizing that the devil doesn’t seek to destroy churches but split them up.

For more from Zachary King’s story, tune in to this chilling episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, and stay tuned for part two.

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Help a former Satanist fight abortion and the occult: LifeFunder

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