October 11, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – As Catholic young men held a pro-life demonstration in George Washington University’s Kogan Plaza on September 30, 2019, they were confronted by an angry violent mob of students necessitating police to be called by campus security.

The young men, part of a group called TFP Student Action (a branch of Tradition, Family and Property), faced insults, spittle and even a few blows, but were undaunted in their witness for life and faith.

“I’m in favor of slaughtering 1,000 babies if that helps already born babies have a better life,” one female student can be seen saying in the video of the confrontation.

“How can you declare the pope to be the legitimate leader of the Catholic Church yet so strongly contradict the views he’s expressed about abortion, gay rights,” said another. Other vile slogans chanted included: “My body, my choice!”; “It’s a sin to tell a woman what to do with her body”; “I eat baby lungs for breakfast”; and “Hail Satan!”

TFP Student Action leader John Ritchie relates: “On several occasions, pro-abortion students waved contraceptives in front of TFP member’s faces. One aggressive student tried to stuff a contraceptive inside the lens of the TFP camera.  Another attempted to push a contraceptive inside my pocket.”

Ritchie concludes his account of the traumatic pro-life witness saying, “After cleaning the spittle off the van windows, TFP volunteers are ready to visit the next campus. May God inspire more young Americans to stand up and fight the good fight.”

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