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‘Catholics for Choice’ makes as much sense as ‘Vegans for Cannibalism’

Justice now means targeting the weak; love means endorsing delusion; compassion means celebrating sin.
Mon Feb 1, 2021 - 2:34 pm EST
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February 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – These days, one can identify as pretty much anything and it is considered polite (mandatory, in the case of gender delusions) to play along. Thus, much has been made of Joe Biden being the second Catholic president of the United States. The first, John F. Kennedy, was a member of the clan that spearheaded the political schizophrenia of “personally opposed, politically supportive,” and Biden is breaking all records with a rash of pro-abortion and LGBT executive orders while the press praises his faith. Amy Coney Barrett was a scary religious fundamentalist; Biden is a devout wellspring of compassion. Supporting the destruction of children in the womb is what makes all the difference.

Catholics for Choice, an organization of folks who despise Catholic teaching but insist that they are the real deal (something that only gets traction because the media desperately wants it to be so), promptly released a statement urging Joe Biden to go full throttle for feticide:

We at Catholics for Choice welcome Joe Biden as the first prochoice Catholic president & call on him to protect & expand abortion rights in the first days of his presidency. President Biden frequently connects his care for the poor, the sick & the vulnerable to his Catholic faith.

As a longtime champion of women’s rights and the rights of marginalized people, Joe Biden surely understands that policies like the #GlobalGagRule, the #HydeAmendment & the #HelmsAmendment inflict disproportionate suffering on the poor, the sick and the powerless.

Joe Biden has dissented from Catholic teaching on issues related to marriage equality, transgender rights and contraception because he realizes that the church’s teachings on these topics do not reflect the church’s greater call to justice, equality and human dignity.

We call on the President to use his conscience and his commitment to human rights in the same way by acknowledging that abortion access is a Catholic social justice value and working to improve access for those who need it.… As one of the 60% of U.S. Catholics who supports abortion rights, Joe Biden can show a divided nation that people of faith can not only support abortion rights, they can do so as an expression of their commitment to justice that is grounded in their religious belief.

Catholics for Choice makes about as much sense as Vegans for Cannibalism, but this organization serves an important purpose. As those who believe in biblical teaching on marriage, life, and family get pushed to the fringes of society, progressives need to ensure that they do not alienate America’s religious majority. Liberal churches and groups like Catholics for Choice serve as convenient collaborators for the progressive movement. Progressives can point to these folks and claim that they represent true Catholicism, or Christianity, or faith—and that those clinging stubbornly to orthodoxy are simply hateful hangovers from the Middle Ages.

Catholics for Choice, however, is barely trying to hide their contempt for actual Catholics. Last month, they announced that “Charlotte” Clymer—an Army vet and LGBT activist famous for coming out as transgender in 2017—would taking over as director of communications and strategy. Abortion might be a women’s issue, but this guy is a woman, men can now get pregnant, and Catholics are morally obliged to support all of that over the teachings of their church. Protestants, too, for that matter. Justice now means targeting the weak; love means endorsing delusion; compassion means celebrating sin.

There is, of course, enormous cultural pressure to accept this narrative. It has been tremendously effective over the past two decades. The Marxist phrase for this function is “useful idiot.” These are folks that allow progressives to pretend that they are not animated by a deeply held hatred of Christian values, and spent most of their time putting on shoddily-made sheep’s clothing and appearing on TV to condemn the teachings of churches they simultaneously claim to represent. Clymer of Catholics for Choice may look like the Joker in drag, but you can be sure the press will take him very, very seriously. That’s what useful idiots are for.

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