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This is the second article in a series on approaching LGBT ideology as Catholics. Read the first article, which explains the disorder of homosexuality and transgenderism, here

(LifeSiteNews) — As headline follows headline, the real targets of the LGBT ideology have increasingly become manifest: Christian marriages and little children.

Why these? Because marriage is the natural foundation of any society, and children are the future generation of that society. The two fronts of this whole ideology lie in 1) the public attempt to secure the recognition of homosexual unions as another kind of marriage, both through political legislation and ecclesiastical “blessings”, and 2) the imposition of these lifestyles on children by teaching them without shame in schools, both public and private. 

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In this situation Catholics are obliged to raise awareness of these issues, to oppose public policies and laws that support or promote LGBT ideology, and to work positively for laws that protect marriage and the innocence of little children.

In the face of the aggressive and proactive lobbying for same-sex marriage laws in politics, and for the “blessing” of same-sex couples in the Church, it is insufficient for Catholics to remain indifferent while homosexual activists attempt to seize control of every public body, policy, school, business, and church. What is sought here is public equality with what is truly marriage. I do not say “traditional” marriage, but marriage, plain and simple, because marriage of its very nature is the stable union between one man and one woman. God, who created man male and female, established this union at the beginning of creation. Man can neither undo nor change this any more than he can change his own nature. 

In this context, another similarity between homosexuality and transgender ideology can be more easily understood. Just as the homosexual and lesbian movement seeks to change the nature of marriage, so the transgender movement seeks to change the underlying nature of the male and female human body. Both constitute a rebellion against God as Creator, while the former is also a rebellion against God as Author of marriage, and the latter a rebellion against God as Author of life, namely, life in the body. 

Particular malice is shown by the LGBT movement when they push their agenda upon schools, preying upon the impressionable minds and hearts of even little children. Most wicked of all is the administration of “gender-affirming” “puberty blockers,” often either without the knowledge of parents or against their wishes. This issue has recently risen to the level of state legislation with California’s new law allowing minors from out of state to obtain “gender-affirming” interventions without parental consent. The legislation went so far as to state that all records of such interventions would be struck from the child’s medical record, thereby obstructing any future legal ligation over such procedures. 

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The administering of such treatments against parents’ wishes constitutes not only an egregious trampling upon parental rights, but the treatments themselves are extremely criminal. The administering of puberty blockers formally and legally constitutes “chemical castration” within medicine, a practice previously only done to repeated sexual predators. The practice essentially sterilizes a child before he or she is even fully developed in mind or body. By the laws of most, if not all states, such things would also constitute extreme sexual and physical abuse of a child. 

Here the full malice of the transgender ideology reveals itself. Its advocates are not satisfied with persuading confused adults to undergo irreversible and mutilating procedures that leave its victims without desire and without offspring. Instead, they must seek out innocent children, the beautiful offspring of those who love according to the order of nature and the plan of God. Preying upon the ignorance or insecurity of the young, they wickedly thwart both law and parents as they criminally sterilize and mutilate the most precious members of society. 

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For the sake of these little ones and future generations, Catholics cannot stand by idly and allow their schools, hospitals, legislatures, and churches to be taken over by the transgender craze that marches in the name of science, equality, inclusion, compassion, or charity. There are things over which fathers of families used to be willing to die; the life and innocence of their children numbered among them. If we do not oppose this movement now, sooner or later it will appear at our doorstep, whether we like it or not, and then it will be too late. 


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