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SAN FRANCISCO (LifeSiteNews)Catholics should celebrate Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s Holy Communion ban for Nancy Pelosi not because it might embarrass her, but because it could push her to conversion and save her soul. 

There can be a tendency to view actions toward politicians as political, and conservative, pro-life Catholics can be very tempted to view this as a victory for “our side” but, this is an act of love on behalf of Abp. Cordileone. He has taken the steps necessary to make clear the seriousness of her refusal to stop promoting abortion, a mortal sin.  

He wants her to enter Heaven when she dies, and it will be difficult, nearly impossible, for her to do so in her present state. It is safe to say that she has met the conditions for committing a mortal sin – the promotion of abortion is a serious sin, she has been informed and has the knowledge that it is a serious sin, but she continues to do it anyway. 

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Speaker Pelosi, like every single person, will one day die and have her particular judgement. Her soul will separate from her body and God will send her to Hell, Heaven, or Purgatory before Heaven.

Souls in the state of mortal sin will be sent to Hell, absent an extraordinary act of grace by God. “Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, ‘eternal fire,’” according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1035). 

Abp. Cordileone has tried to reach out to Pelosi in a private way to correct her. He has informed her of the gravity of her public support for the killing of preborn babies.  

Not only does she mortally sin by using her political power and pulpit to support abortion, she causes scandal by falsely telling people that one can be a Catholic in the grace of God but be pro-abortion. 

The San Francisco archbishop wants to see Pelosi in Heaven, like all the people in his flock. Any of us could die on any day, so it is important that our souls remain free of mortal sin so we are prepared.  

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But for Speaker Pelosi, every day is a larger gamble, considering that she has already surpassed, at 82-years-old, the life expectancy for someone born in 1940.

She is still alive as of this writing, which means she still has time to take advantage of this great act of love by her bishop to help push her toward a sacramental Confession and rejection of her past sins in support of abortion.  

Pelosi can defy the archbishop; she can call herself as “devout Catholic” and she can find Catholics who are liberal to defend her if she receives the Holy Eucharist. 

But she, like everyone, cannot escape her judgement. 

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