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The top staffer in Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan's office has agreed that his boss “does not believe in legal protection for females” who are inside the womb, a shocking new video reveals.

Yesterday, about a dozen members of Students for Life of America (SFLA) followed through with a visit to the Washington offices of Congressman Tim Ryan, a onetime “pro-life Democrat” who recently embraced abortion-on-demand

Congressman Ryan was not available, they were told, but they had a meeting with Ryan's chief of staff, Ron Grimes.

The chief of staff, the most important position in a lawmaker's office, affirmed that his boss had changed his position definitively and had no concern for the rights of the unborn, of either sex.

When it comes to abortion, Ryan now believes that “the federal government cannot be the decisive decision-maker,” Grimes said in a portion of the discussion caught on video.

“That is no longer acceptable to Congressman Ryan, and he…simply disagrees with your position.”

When one young woman described how her mother had been pressured to abort her, Grimes responded that Ryan believes “it was her mother’s choice in that moment.”

Michele Hendrickson, SFLA Capital Area Regional Coordinator, said the message that sent to this young women, and many others who may have been aborted, is: “It’s OK that doctors could have taken your life, and that I might not be talking to you right now.”

Hendrickson, who is expecting a child, gave Grimes an ultrasound photo of her own 22-week-old unborn child, whom she has named Lucy, before the meeting. “He held this letter during our entire conversation glancing down at her picture as he spoke,” Michele noted.

Hendrickson asked, Would you agree that Congressman Ryan does not believe in legal protection for females like Lucy?”

“Yes, that is correct,” he responded.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, told Grimes, “That is very troubling.”

Grimes responded, “There's no way that I can soften it to make it more acceptable or more palatable.”

(Story continues following video.)

Hendrickson thought his response was remarkably cold-blooded and impolitic, even compared to campus abortion crusaders.

“I rarely have words prepared for a response like that,” Hendrickson wrote, “because, in my experience on college and high school campuses, even students who consider themselves pro-choice understand how truly gruesome a late-term abortion procedure is for the child.”

Hendrickson described meeting Grimes as “the biggest disappointment of the day.” 

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