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(LifeSiteNews) – Late last month members of the BRICS group, an alliance of countries including Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa, met to discuss a potential move away from the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. The problem, however, is that whenever one reserve currency is replaced, the country whose currency it is faces a financial crisis.

I’m once again joined by Drew Mason of St. Joseph Partners to discuss the implications of the move by BRICS, and how LifeSite readers and viewers can protect themselves from potential financial crisis.

Mason begins by pointing out that historically, if a country’s currency is being replaced as a world currency, those in that country are usually the last to realize what’s happened. He also remarks that the countries whose currencies became reserve currencies “became complacent; they lost their manufacturing prowess, they lost their work ethic, and other nations ultimately just walked away from using that sole reserve currency.” When the reserve currency finally changed, the currency itself lost its purchasing power.

According to Mason, “we are moving in that direction,” referencing for instance the working hypothesis of Berkshire Hathaway, an investment firm, which Mason claims says “the currency will be worthless.”

He also discusses the effects of the loss of a gold-backed currency, something he says some members of BRICS have suggested reintroducing for the alliance, citing the Canadian and American economies since 1971, the last year the U.S. dollar was backed by gold, to demonstrate his point.

In Canada, Mason tells me, one can buy a house at the median home price with the same amount of money from saved gold coins and bars, whereas the price for the same house in Canadian dollars increased by a factor of five. In the American instance, however, the cash amount increased by a factor of almost fifteen.

“We don’t know all that’s going to transpire in terms of the intricacies of ‘digital this’ or ‘crypto’ or what the BRICS rulebook will essentially look like,” says Mason. “What we can say is, although gold has no guarantees attached to it, it has this precedent that it has always worked in preserving the wealth of families who saved it.”

In his opinion, people should consider having at least 20 percent of their savings in gold to maximize the value of a classic financial portfolio.

“We think history is whispering to us that this could be one of the most important financial decisions we’ll make in terms of investments in our lives,” Mason declares. “When this shift takes place… you want to be ready for it, because then it’s going to be extremely difficult to go back and reset what you had while financial assets were priced as they are today.”

Mason also addresses the issue of silver in addition to gold. After I ask him about the possibility of silver by virtue of its affordability, he responds by saying that “what is good for gold is good for silver,” arguing that the rules that apply for gold also apply for silver.

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Faith-based pro-life silver rounds are here! GET YOURS TODAY!

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