News services were quick to pick up the story last week of a Massachusetts Appellate Court overturning a ghastly decision by Probate Judge Christina Harms (pictured right) that would have forced a 32-yr-old mentally ill pregnant mother to get a late-term abortion (at 21 weeks) against her will and also be sterilized.

Women’s groups and pro-abortion politicians, eager for the unusual opportunity to demonstrate they were pro-”choice” and not just pro-abortion, piled on.


Pro-abortion website Jezebel called Harms a “horrible judge.” Robin Marty at RH Reality Check lectured, “Just as we will condemn those who force women to continue pregnancies against their will, we condemn those who would take away any woman’s right to continue a pregnacny [sic]. ” Elizabeth Warren, an EMILY’s List-backed candidate for Massachusetts U.S. Senate, said she was “shocked.”

The Boston Globe quoted heavily from the Appeals Court decision, as did ABC and U.S. News & World Report/MSNBC, which went so far as to link to it.

But they all failed to connect the dots glaring at them. Here they are, from the court decision, which states that the “facts are undisputed.”  The unnamed mother is called “Mary Moe”….

Moe is pregnant, although the record is unclear how long she has been pregnant. She has been pregnant twice before. On the first occasion she had an abortion, and on the second she gave birth to a boy who is in the custody of her parents.

At some point in the time period between her abortion and the birth of her son, Moe suffered a psychotic break, and has been hospitalized numerous times for mental illness….

Moe was asked about an abortion and replied that she “wouldn’t do that.” Moe also asserted that she was not pregnant and that she had met the judge before, although according to the judge, she and Moe had never met. Moe also erroneously stated that she had previously given birth to a baby girl named Nancy….

The defendant suffered a psychotic break when she was a college student. Thereafter, she believed people were staring at her and stating that she killed her baby. She becomes agitated and emotional when discussing the pregnancy that ended in an abortion. Consistent with denying that she is now pregnant, she refuses obstetrical care and testing.

Moe also states that she is “very Catholic,” does not believe in abortion, and would never have an abortion. Her parents, however, have stated that she is not an “active” Catholic.

How heartbreaking. I agree with Jezebel that Harms, now retired, was a “horrible judge.” That she would have clearly exacerbated this poor mother’s mental illness by forcing another abortion on her makes her that much more horrible.


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