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Covington bishop’s rebuke could seriously harm the faith of these pro-life teens. Pray it doesn’t

As the mainstream media heaped calumny, the bishops added to the pile.
Tue Jan 22, 2019 - 1:03 pm EST
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Nick Sandmann | Bishop Joseph Foy

Urge Covington bishop to apologize for condemning pro-life teens. Sign the petition here.

January 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — As a father of teenage boys, I have to say I was very proud of Nick Sandmann and equally incensed at the condemnation he received by his bishop, and the former US Bishops head Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, and his Catholic high school. Even after the mainstream media backed off their fake news smear of this pro-life young man and his school mates, the school and diocese have yet to issue a public apology. 

We’ve been yearning to hear the bishops speak up in a timely fashion on the moral issues of our day, but they never seem to, often because it’s politically incorrect. But in this case, with the mainstream media on a feeding frenzy heaping calumny on Nick, the bishops piled on without any clear understanding of the matter, throwing the Catholic young people under the bus. God forbid that this condemnation from the bishops and Catholic school harms the faith of these young people, may it rather strengthen their faith as they suffer unjustly as did Our Lord.

Be sure to sign and share the petition asking the bishops and media to recant and apologize. My full commentary on this disturbing matter is in the video below. 

In Christ, John-Henry Westen.

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