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Cowardice: the state and homosexualist powers against a former lesbian and her daughter

Julio Severo

Rev. Timothy David “Timo” Miller, who acted courageously in his defense of a persecuted child and her mother, has now made a deal with federal prosecutors, who are seeking to take Isabella Miller away from her mother and give her to an unrelated lesbian. No one knows exactly what this deal is, but prosecutors appear to be pleased with the results.

Miller’s case is disturbing: He was arrested last spring when he returned to the United States from Nicaragua, where he worked as a missionary. He was charged with helping Lisa Miller (no relation) flee the United States with Isabella, her 9-year-old daughter.

Even more disturbing is the fact that a Vermont court gave the custody of Isabella to Janet Jenkins, a lesbian activist and former sexual partner of Lisa Miller.

Jenkins and Miller had been joined in a Vermont civil union in 2000 and, two years later, Miller gave birth to daughter Isabella, conceived by artificial insemination. The lesbian union ended in 2003, with Miller accepting Jesus Christ in her life and renouncing homosexuality. She became a Baptist, then a Mennonite.

But Jenkins, her former partner and the owner of a daycare, has never renounced her homosexuality or her activism. Even though she has no biological connection with Isabella and had chosen not to include her name as a “parent” of the girl on the birth certificate, Jenkins, probably under the ideological inspiration of other homosexualists, began a custody fight, having initially been awarded the “right” to have the girl for visits. One of the consequences of these unsupervised, court-ordered visits was that Isabella herself complained of being forced to bathe naked with Jenkins. The girl was being traumatized by the first steps to force her into the lesbian lifestyle.

“Isabella suffers from sleep disturbance and nightmares, having difficulty sleeping through the night,” Gwen Corley, a social worker, told the court in September, 2007. Before the court-ordered visits, the girl was a well-adjusted, healthy child, according to a June, 2007, sworn testimony of Clinical Therapist Sylvia Haydash, who had clinical sessions with Isabella.

Miller tried to protect Isabella from these morally-harmful visits, but then a court awarded full custody to Jenkins, who was able, with her homosexual connections, to summon the entire court and police apparatus to her aid.

To shield her biological daughter from further trauma at the hands of an obsessed lesbian activist, her biological mother took the hard decision to flee her own country. Into this hopeless scenario enters Rev. Timothy Miller, who just wanted to help. As a missionary in Nicaragua, he brought hope to a lonely mother and her daughter, arranging a hiding place for them among Mennonites in the Central American nation.

Perhaps Rev. Miller was not expecting to be arrested or to see the FBI involved in the case, accusing him of abetting a “kidnapping.”

But at this point he became acutely aware that the gay agenda is vastly bigger than he had previously thought. Indeed, the movement has a massive support from courts and law-enforcement agencies.

Prosecutors ultimately secured Miller’s cooperation, presumably through threats of imprisonment. They know that Lisa Miller and Isabella traveled to Nicaragua in September 2009 where a group of Mennonite missionaries had helped shelter them. They also know that mother and daughter were last seen in Nicaragua in the spring of 2010.

Earlier this year, a Mennonite pastor in Nicaragua told AP, “the Nicaraguan brethren felt it right and good to help Lisa not only free herself from the so called civil marriage and lesbian lifestyle, but especially to protect her 9-year-old daughter from being abducted and handed over to an active lesbian and a rabid activist.”

Rev. Miller is now free from the ominous claws of the FBI, which in a sane legal system would persecute thugs and terrorists. But Lisa and Isabella are not free: the FBI is after them. At any time, they may be captured. At any time, Isabella may be kidnapped by the FBI and her mother arrested.

America is resurrecting Sodom with a vengeance, supported by the formidable power of the State. While Christian social services in the US are losing their traditional right to help children because they refuse state orders to adopt children to homosexual couples, lesbian activist Janet Jenkins is free to run a day care. And because of Janet’s radical activism, Isabella and her mother are not free or safe from massive state persecution. Persecution for their faith and their refusal to compromise with evil.

This tragedy was made possible only because gay civil unions were allowed in Vermont. And when homosexual “marriage” is allowed, the gay agenda and the State become united in an unholy “marriage,” where special rights and freedoms are granted to those in the footsteps of Sodom. This unholy “marriage” enables homosexual activists to oppress and persecute people who renounce homosexual perversion, with assistance of the FBI, which has effectively become — at least in the Jenkins-Miller case — a Gaystapo.

Rev. Miller tried to oppose this unholy “marriage” and its threats against Lisa and Isabella, but it proved too strong for him. Consequently, he was arrested. Only through a compromise was he released from prison. In exchange for his testimony in future proceedings in the case against Isabella’s mother, federal prosecutors dropped criminal charges against him.

It is a major disgrace for the United States of America that a helpless mother and her daughter have been left to face alone State bullies serving the interests of the gay agenda.

Where are the honorable men and women of the US and the world who will confront this state-sanctioned homosexualist cowardice?

What you can do:

Pray that God will lead Lisa and Isabella in his grace, mercy and power.

Pray that the FBI and other authorities working for darkness and wickedness will be covered in confusion and shame.

Pray that God will bring blindness to those planning to arrest and kidnap Lisa and Isabella (see 2 Kings 6:18).

Pray that ultimately the name of Jesus Christ will be honored.

With information from the Associated Press and LifeSiteNews.

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Fatal mistake: Chinese pro-life activist seeking help from US government

Julio Severo

Chen Guangcheng, a pro-life activist in China, made the fatal mistake of seeking help from the US Embassy in China.

He was under house arrest in his home province, but other human rights activists made enormous sacrifices, risking their lives to elaborate a plan for him to flee to the US Embassy, where everyone thought refuge was guaranteed.

Everyone hoped he would ask for asylum, but the developments, unfolding in view of the international media, took an untoward turn. Chen, who is blind from childhood and has health problems after years of prison and torture, was promised by American authorities that he could stay in China and receive medical treatment, with an American companion present at all times.

As reported by the press and the US Embassy, Chen himself “wanted” to stay in China. This “decision” freed Hillary Clinton from diplomatic and commercial complications during her visit to China. After all, America has immense commercial interests in China, and Chen was a thorn in the side for the Chinese and American governments.

Hillary was satisfied with Chen’s “decision” not to seek asylum, saying that his exiting the embassy reflected his “choices” and the “values” of the USA. Meanwhile, the American officials breathed a sigh of relief at being able to return this thorny problem back to the Chinese!

However, after his transfer to a hospital in Peking, no American official stayed with him. The American commitment, made to a desperate soul, was insincere.

“They pressed me to leave, they promised that there would be people with me in the hospital, but when I entered my room, I perceived that everybody had left,” Chen revealed, according a report by the Brazilian newspaper Estadão.

When contacted at the hospital by the international media, he admitted the obvious: he could not request asylum from the US government, because his family was under a direct death threat and he was under pressure. According to his statement, if he dared to leave for America, Chinese authorities would have killed his wife and children.

Embassy officials were indifferent and evasive, stating they had not heard about any threat or pressure on Chen. Evidently, according to them, the entire sacrifice made for Chen to arrive at the embassy was just a noble gesture, sort of a way of saying “hi” to the Americans. Nothing else. After six days of being sheltered in the embassy and saying “hi,” at last the Chinese activist “chose” to leave and to stay in his homeland, to the relief of the Chinese and American governments,.

Chen’s “choice” greatly pleased the US government, because Chen is not the kind of activist that American authorities would have wanted to help. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are shamelessly pro-abortion, while Chen is pro-life.

Any individual, no matter how important, who is cruel enough to defend the murder of innocent unborn babies is capable of committing any other sin, including deceiving and lying to a poor, oppressed blind Chinese man who sees more of the true value of life than most representatives of the Chinese and American governments.

The communist government in China had always lied to the Chinese people and to Chen. And now Chen has the unpleasant experience of enduring attitudes that are not very different and total abandonment by a government that claims to stand for human rights, a government he had supposed was radically different from his.

But what would have happened if the US government had not been deceptive and if Chen had been granted asylum in the US? Would he have pursued his cause of denouncing the crime of abortion? In that case, the aim of the accusations would have been US officials themselves. This would certainly have been a major problem!

The kind of human rights work carried out by Chen doesn’t have the US government’s sympathy.

For 39 years, pro-abortion law has reigned in what was until recently the biggest evangelical nation in the world. If it is horrific for a communist nation like China to defend abortion tooth and nail, what about an evangelical nation?

The fact is, self-proclaimed “evangelicals” Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and other powerful American officials have no interest in rescuing men that publicly plead for the rescue of the unborn.

Chen’s presence in the US Embassy in Peking was an inconvenience. His presence in America as a prominent pro-life activist would be a bigger inconvenience.

And yet if Chen were a homosexual activist, his presence in the embassy would be welcomed. Obama and Clinton would be highly supportive. In fact, since December of 2011, US embassies and consulates have been ordered by government to grant preferential treatment to gay activists.

For the US government, meeting homosexual demands is vastly more important than stopping the murder of unborn babies!

Disoriented and desperate, Chen doesn’t know what to do, except to direct appeal to the nation that was insincere and unfair to him: “I would like to ask to president Obama, I beg him, to do everything he can so that our family may leave.”

Perhaps, under pressure from the countless pro-life Americans, Obama may still act against his own pro-abortion conscience and give a chance to a defenseless Chinese surrounded by oppressors in the service of the State. Perhaps.

However, certainly, his oppression will not end in America, where pro-life activists are viciously arrested by police for the “crime” of praying in front of an abortion clinic, while murderous physicians and employees serenely kill babies under the protection of a law that, in many respects, is no better than Nazi law, which relegated Jews and other defenseless human beings to a class worthy of extermination. In America, unborn babies fall in that unhappy category.

If he wants help from the US government, Chen will need to pray, fast and wait for a long time until a new Ronald Reagan appears. But if he wants help from higher up, he won’t need to wait for decades or centuries, because God says:

“Do not trust influential people, mortals who cannot help you. When they breathe their last breath, they return to the ground. On that day their plans come to an end. Blessed are those who receive help from the God of Jacob. Their hope rests on the LORD their God, who made heaven, earth, the sea, and everything in them. The LORD remains faithful forever. He brings about justice for those who are oppressed. He gives food to those who are hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free. The LORD gives sight to the blind. The LORD straightens the backs of those who are bent over. The LORD loves righteous people.” (Psalms 146:3-8 GWV)


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Christian minister accused of ‘crime against humanity’ for homosexuality stance

Julio Severo

Two years ago, Scott Lively, author of “The Pink Swastika”, addressed members of the Ugandan Parliament, which was considering a bill criminalizing homosexuality. Lively urged an emphasis on therapy rather than punishment, and, after the bill was released he opposed the death penalty provision.

Now, on March 14th a lawsuit was filed in an American court alleging that Lively committed the “Crime Against Humanity,” by speaking against homosexuality in Uganda. The plaintiffs say that his address in Uganda is a cause of action in international law. The plaintiffs are the homosexualist organization Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), and the law firm which filed the lawsuit, the Center for Constitutional Rights, a George Soros-funded Marxist group.

If Rev. Lively were a Russian citizen living in St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, he would be safe. Recently, St. Petersburg passed a pro-family law banning homosexual propaganda. But Lively is an American citizen, living in a society where Christian and anti-homosexualist messages are increasingly under ban. When a hate crime law is passed, everything is possible, and America has such law, which was used specifically to make the lawsuit against Lively possible.

Rev. Lively has never advocated violence against homosexuals. Even so, the lawsuit makes it appear that his preaching against homosexuality in Uganda has been the singular cause of persecution of homosexuals in that country. According to Lively, “The centerpiece of the SMUG evidence that homosexuals have been persecuted in Uganda is the murder of their leader, David Kato, in 2011. Glaring omitted from the complaint is the fact (well known to SMUG) that Kato was killed by a ‘gay’ prostitute whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover. This man confessed to bashing in Kato’s head with a hammer for failing to pay him as promised and was prosecuted for the crime.”

Gay activists live risky lives with their lovers and male prostitutes, and should Christian ministers be blamed for their immoral choices?

I supposed that if Lively were a Muslim cleric visiting Uganda and preaching death to all homosexuals, he would be left in peace by homosexualist groups, by George Soros-funded groups, and even by American hate crime laws.

Capital punishment is used frequently against homosexuals in Muslim nations, even when these homosexuals did not commit any rape of children or another major crime. Yet, international groups never charge these nations of “Crimes against Humanity”. Certainly, there are Muslims preaching death to homosexuals. Where are the Western “human rights” groups to say that these Muslims committed “Crimes against Humanity”?

The lawsuit against Rev. Scott Lively is a very dangerous precedent for all Christians fighting the gay agenda. A powerful orchestration of homosexualist and socialist individuals and groups is using a gay group in Uganda to have Lively prosecuted as a “Criminal against Humanity”! If their efforts succeed, no pro-family Christian in the West will be safe.

You will not be safe. I will not be safe.

In my case, I fled my country, Brazil, to escape from pressures, persecutions and legal actions from federal prosecutors incited by ABGLT, the largest gay group in Brazil that, by the assistance of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was accredited in the UN system in 2009.

My departure from Brazil, with my pregnant wife and little children, should have been enough to make ABGLT forget me, but this is not so. Intercepted messages from ABGLT show that it has instructed Brazilian gay groups to find my location.

Besides, AllOut, the same US gay group that launched an international and unsuccessful campaign to defeat the pro-family law in St. Petersburg, was successful in its international campaign to have my PayPal account closed down. In fact, AllOUt had targeted Lively too!

Because of the massive and powerful influence of the pro-sodomy US government, gay groups have an “open season” on pro-family Christians.

While Russians in St. Petersburg are under the protection of a law banning homosexualist propaganda, Western Christians face threats for their pro-family message.

Pro-sodomy America and Europe have made the West a treacherous place, where pro-family Christians have to live under oppressive and deceiving hate crimes laws. And Brazil and other Latin American nations have been docilely copycatting these laws.

“Crime Against Humanity” is a very serious legal threat. If such baseless, ridiculous charge can be leveled against Lively as an American pro-family Christian, what will happen to Brazilian pro-family Christians?

Keep your eyes open: new Gulags for American and Brazilian Christians are coming, but not from Russia.

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Brazilian government wants all pregnant women registered

Julio Severo

Co-authored with Zenóbio Fonseca, law professor and legislative consultant

Brazilian public and private healthcare institutions will be forced, by compulsory norm, to identify and register all pregnant women in Brazil, according to the National System of Register, Surveillance and Follow-up of Pregnant Women for Maternal Mortality Prevention, established by the administration of Socialist President Dilma Rousseff in its Provisory Measure no. 557/11 in 26/12/11. A provisory measure is a legal act in Brazil through which the President of Brazil can enact laws without approval by the National Congress.

At first glance, the federal plan seems done out of concern for women, with its assumption of taking care of high-risk pregnant women, imposing prenatal exams and granting a maximum monetary aid of US $25 for prenatal and postpartum follow-up. The poorest women will jump of joy for the state generosity.

The government says that is forcing all healthcare institutions to register all the women just to know how many women are in a high-risk situation.

However, it is worthwhile to ask some questions: What is the reason for decreeing urgently a Provisory Measure right on December 26, when the whole population of Brazil, including congressmen, was distracted by Christmas? What is the reason to compulsorily register all pregnant women under the excuse of helping pregnancy if the politics and ideology of the ruling Workers’ Party of Rousseff is to legalize abortion in Brazil?

That Provisory Temporary was drafted by a government full of feminists that claim that legalization of abortion strengthens the women’s human rights, who treat abortion as a “right to choose” in the cases of normal pregnancy; in other words, to abort (kill) the baby “simply” because a woman should have the freedom of deciding if she wants to continue or not a pregnancy.

It is scary that the Provisory Measure, which is already in force, has focused on the compulsory control of all pregnant women in Brazil as public healthcare issue, but it remains totally silent on the unborn baby and his value and protection.

The 3rd article, clause V, points that the focus is only a woman, never her baby:

“V — to establish politics, programs and actions aimed at improving the healthcare for high-risk pregnant women.”

The 7th article, clauses IV and VI, establishes measures to avoid new female deaths, but it totally excludes unborn babies. Hey, don’t unborn babies also die?

So is it possible that there are other reasons behind the government’s plan? To establish and strengthen an obligatory system to prepare women to interrupt a pregnancy in certain cases? To implement eugenics? Let us see:

“IV: to inform, through computerized system, deaths of pregnant women, adding information about investigation on the death causes and of the measures to be taken to avoid new deaths;

“VI: to propose to federal, state, and municipal administrators of SUS (the Brazilian public healthcare system) the adoption of necessary measures to guarantee access and improve healthcare of pregnant women, and prevent maternal death.”

The most worrying fact is that the Provisory Measure limits the woman’s right to freedom when it forces her to register in a control and surveillance system just because she is pregnant, even though she has a personal health plan and is healthy, with no need for the State for anything. The Provisory Measure leaves pregnant women at the mercy of the state control and intrusion.

To remove the citizens’ freedom is not a democratic action. It is an action of totalitarian governments.

In Brazil, now it is enough for a woman to be pregnant and the State will begin, sooner or later, to control the fruit of her womb compulsorily, regardless of her choices. With such a control, it will be easy for the Brazilian government to impose the number of children that a woman can have and to demand birth control on her, as UN sees fit. After all, the compulsory register system of pregnant women in Brazil has been established to meet UN requirements.

In the short and long run, what will the Brazilian government do to regulate its control on pregnant women? What will happen to unborn babies and their protection? If the Brazilian government decides that an unborn baby with Down syndrome is a risk pregnancy and his mother decides to continue, what will the government do? If a mother has some health problem and decides that her pregnancy is to continue, what will the government do? Which “medical” pressures will a woman suffer in the compulsory system of state prenatal follow-up?

Because it removes the mothers’ freedom and completely overlooks the unborn babies’ protection, the Brazilian Provisory Measure should be denounced.

The perfect concern for mothers involves guaranteeing her full freedom and protection and the protection of life from conception on.



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