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HAMBURG, Germany (LifeSiteNews) – While the world is already drowning in COVID-19 related bills, legislations, and mandates which make absolutely no sense at all, a piece of news from Germany has become one of the most ridiculous and tragic of the last 22 months. 

It’s this: for people to be euthanised, they must show proof of having their COVID-19 injections. 

The news is both ironic and deeply disturbing.  

The irony is clear and immediate. Hamburg- and Zurich-based Verein Sterbehilfe  (“Euthanasia Association”) issued new guidance recently, stipulating that their “requirements for assisted suicide” now include a “certificate of a complete Covid-19 vaccination or recovery.” 

The reason for this is, as Verein Sterbehilfe explained, was that “assisted suicide and the preliminary examination of a patient’s ability to make decisions freely implies physical closeness between people. However, that is precisely the precondition for the spread of coronavirus.” 

So, in order to die prematurely, a person must take an injection which the government and media are pushing as a sure way to prevent hospitalisation and death from a respiratory disease. Surely someone must be able to see the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Apparently not someone in the euthanasia movement. 

However, while the irony of the whole issue is without doubt immense, the new euthanasia guidelines are far darker than this, as they reveal just how far society has abandoned reason and embraced a culture of death and enslavement to freedom-depriving mandates.  

The culture of death – for that is the only proper way to describe a society in which Planned Parenthood murders unborn babies by the hundreds of thousands every year – is so perverted and all-encompassing that suicide is now seen as a privileged right reserved for the “vaccinated” class of society.  

While the right to life is almost globally denied, in a complete reverse, a “right to die” is now being promoted, and yet only for those who accept the mandated COVID injections, which are themselves an attack on fundamental rights and freedoms. 

Never mind protecting the unborn in their mother’s wombs — they are expendable in the current world order. The real freedom, in this perverted, upside-down world, is the freedom to die — once you’ve taken all the mandatory injections that the state and private companies force you to have. 

Verein Sterbehilfe’s new mandate is just the latest example of the society’s utter rejection of religion, of God, of reason, and of any sense of human dignity. 

A “vaccine” mandate to help a person kill himself is the very definition of adding insult to injury or, more accurately, adding injury to death. As if the crime of rejecting the sanctity of life were not bad enough in the act of euthanasia, any remaining shreds of human dignity are now further attacked through the mandate of abortion-tainted injections 

It is almost as though the “anti-faith” has reached its peak in a perverse mockery of faith and truth. While new-born babies, having been preserved from the murder of abortion, are baptized with water in the earliest days of their earthly lives, the anti-faith movement has come up with its own “baptism.” In it, the members of the culture of death are injected with substances which rely upon the brutal extraction of tissue and then murder of tiny babies for existence, and then murdered themselves.

The culture of life promotes the safety of life in the womb and fights for the safety of life until natural death. The culture of death promotes death in the womb and fights for the killing of human life. 

Renewing its commitment to this culture of death, Verein Sterbehilfe writes that family members should be informed that “suicides always carry the risk of failure,” as if survival would be an unwanted outcome. But then, why should it not be, in a society which so freely accepts the murder of the unborn as simply being a “choice” of the mother? 

In many ways, the implementation of the vaccine mandate for euthanasia is the triumph of the abortion industry. Few companies or movements can boast of such loyal followers as can the worldwide industry of abortion, when even the first and last moments of life are connected to it.  

At one end of the timeline, babies are murdered by abortion before they have taken their first breath – and society simply smiles and accepts this.  

At the other end of the timeline, and in one of their final actions, adults signal their acceptance of this heinous evil, availing of the products of the abortion industry so that they may then kill themselves.  

Previously, family members would gather in the room of a loved one, watching and praying during their final hours. Now, such final moments are nothing more than the tip of the hat to the abortion industry before having others aid and abet in voluntary suicide.

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Michael Haynes is the Senior Vatican correspondent writing for LifeSiteNews. Living in Rome, though originally from the North-West of England, he is a graduate of Thomas More College in New Hampshire, and has been very involved in pro-life activity and public campaigns defending Catholicism since childhood.

Michael writes on Per Mariam:Mater Dolorosa, and has authored works on Mariology (Mary the Motherly Co-Redemptrix), Catholic spirituality, and most recently published an apologetic work “A Catechism of Errors.” 

He regularly writes for the American TFP, and his writings have been published by Calx Maria, Catholic Family News, Gregorius Magnus. His work has been reproduced by a variety of outlets, and translated regularly into Italian and Spanish.

You can follow Michael on Twitter or via his website Per Mariam:Mater Dolorosa.