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April 26, 2107 (LifeSiteNews) — Anti-Christian homosexual activist Dan Savage is leading a new, leftist campaign to impeach Donald Trump, calling his profane project “Impeach the Mother [F—k-r] Already” (ITMFA).

The effort is popular on the Left, with retweets from the likes of Rosie O’Donnell. Savage has already raised $100,000 by selling “ITMFA” merchandise like hats and buttons — money he is distributing to three leftist organizations: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and the International Refugee Assistance Project.

“We're in for a long and ugly four years, readers,” Savage writes on the ITMFA website. “Let's raise some money for groups fighting Trump, let's bring ITMFA back into our everyday vocabulary, and let's remember that we — people who voted against Trump, people who want to see him out of office as quickly as possible, people who are appalled by this and this and this and this — are the majority.”

Savage, an uber-perverse sex advice columnist living in Seattle, knows a bit about hate. His “progressive” resume of anti-conservative hate-incidents includes:

intentionally trying to give Christian conservative and then-presidential candidate Gary Bauer the flu by posing as a campaign volunteer and licking Bauer’s Iowa campaign office doorknobs while Savage had a cold (2000);

smearing pro-life and pro-family Sen. Rick Santorum by “defining” his surname online as a disgusting byproduct of homosexual sodomy (2003-present);

publicly wishing “all Republicans were [f—k—g] dead” (2011); and

calling traditional Christians “bat sh*t, a**h*le, dou**ebags” while speaking at Rhodes College

The above is far from a comprehensive list. We’re talking prodigious hatred here.

And it keeps coming. In March, the not-too-self-aware Savage had the audacity to accuse First Lady Melanie Trump of harboring hatred in her heart. After declaring on his podcast, “I f—king hate Melania Trump,” he said, “Melania Trump is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.”

You’ve probably figured out by now that Dan, like so many on the Left, is proficient at wielding the F-bomb, especially against anyone he despises on the Right. Quite a skill.

To be fair, there are plenty of liberals who do not appreciate Savage’s over-the-top rhetoric and tactics, but what is depressing is how many on the Left not only tolerate him but applaud him, no matter what he says or does. That includes taking cheap shots at late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who possessed infinitely greater class and wisdom than Savage.

The reality in America, pre- and post-Trump, is that there is now a very large minority of angry, vulgar, post-Christian leftists who hate Judeo-Christian morality. And Savage is one of their heroes. He is the modern face of the anti-Church and seems to be devoted to advancing as much sin and immorality as possible in his quickly-passing lifetime.

The media love Savage, too, and give him plenty of attention no matter how extreme or profane or scandalous his antics. Because he is a man of the Left, he is rarely scolded or de-legitimized by the media. (Note the deferential coverage of Savage, seemingly oblivious to his long history of mean-spirited, activist stunts.)

Can you imagine the outrage among liberal opinion-molders in the media if, two months into Obama’s new administration, some conservative writer-activist had launched a social media campaign, “Impeach the Mother F—-r Already” targeting Obama?!

“Hate speech!” they would cry.

Savage, who also promotes amateur porn, with the media’s help, of course, is very good at marketing and his stuff gets wide play among “progressives” young and old. He has spoken on many college campuses, including corrupt institutions like Elmhurst College that claim to have a Christian foundation.

I think my friend Laurie Higgins, cultural issues writer with the Illinois Family Institute, sums up Savage’s “ITMFA” campaign quite well.

“If this campaign were not so repugnant, it would be comical that someone of Savage's base moral stature — someone whose words and deeds epitomize arrogance, ignorance, hatred, vulgarity, and perversity — would pursue the impeachment of President Trump,” Higgins told LifeSiteNews.

“How ironic that a man who revels in perverse transgressiveness and who seeks to promote it even to children would set himself up as an arbiter of ethics,” she said.

Dan is proudly on the “highway to Hell,” to quote the AC/DC song — a Hell he surely doesn’t believe in as a self-described “agnostic/atheist.” But like any sinner, he can veer off that road and still experience God’s grace, forgiveness and mercy. Pray for him while opposing his wicked activism.

Here is another acronym for this spiteful, God-hating perversion promoter: DSNJ.

Dan Savage Needs Jesus.

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Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (, a Chicago-based organization that exposes and counters the LGBTQ agenda. He is a former reporter for The Washington Times, worked as a writer, editor and analyst for Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, and was a speaker for Focus on the Family. A graduate of the University of Michigan, LaBarbera got his start at Accuracy in Media and over the last 25 years has been widely interviewed by Christian, conservative and secular media on the homosexual-transgender agenda. Peter has been happily married for 28 years to wife Cristina. They are the blessed parents of five children.