Shawn Carney - 40 Days for Life


DAY 16: Day of the unborn child

Shawn Carney - 40 Days for Life

Today’s devotional is about the incarnation of Christ — complete with the passage from Luke’s gospel where the angel Gabriel brings God’s message to the Virgin Mary.

Tomorrow is March 25 — a day celebrated in a number of nations, especially in South America, as the Day of the Unborn Child.

And that idea is catching on around the world!

March 25 is exactly nine months before Christmas. This date has been observed by many Christians throughout the history of the church, as it marks the day that “the Word became flesh.”

As you pray, reflect upon Jesus in the womb — and think about His children in the womb today. Through His grace, may today’s world accept both Christ AND His precious children!

Before we get to the devotional, here are some stories from 40 Days for Life campaigns.


As the world rejects Christ, it often rejects those who stand for His children. A woman in Canton found this out while praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil.

A car pulled up to the red light at the corner next to Planned Parenthood. The driver rolled his window down and unleashed all sorts of nastiness in her direction. The tirade ended only when the light turned green.

“The beauty of God’s design is, of course, that this man’s insane, obscene chanting, accompanied by his gestures, garnered the sympathy and support of Planned Parenthood clients,” she said.

Onlookers in Planned Parenthood’s parking lot were horrified at what he said, and took an interest in the volunteer’s wellbeing – and took her pro-life literature.

“One woman pulled out of Planned Parenthood and asked me to be careful,” she said. “Another witness said, ‘I’m on your side.’”


A young man joined the 40 Days for Life vigil in Milwaukee for the first time recently — and was promptly greeted by “clinic escorts” who called the police. He, of course, was doing nothing wrong.

“The fact is,” said Dan in Milwaukee, “they knew he was a fresh face here and they wanted to intimidate him into never coming back.” This is not the first time Dan has seen this.

The police arrived, talked to him, and quickly departed. “Nothing resulted from the brief visit,” Dan said, aside from the abortion center wasting taxpayers’ money on officers following up a bogus complaint.

Dan needed to cheer up the young man, so he told him about the baby who was saved the day before. “His face lit up like the sun, smiling from ear to ear.”

Speaking of Milwaukee, the 40 Days for Life team has its green smocks again – the ones that look almost exactly like the ones Planned Parenthood’s escorts wear. In fact, they even say “parenthood volunteer” with a cross-like design that resembles the style of Planned Parenthood’s logo.

Here’s a picture of green-smocked volunteers in Milwaukee:

Planned Parenthood tried to pull a fast one – they switched to orange smocks for their escorts. “They looked really pleased with themselves,” Dan said.

But his team was ready – they pulled out orange versions of THEIR OWN smocks! He’d seen one of the orange Planned Parenthood smocks earlier and sensed that something was up. So they had some orange “parenthood volunteer” smocks on hand just in case Planned Parenthood switched colors.

The vigil participants put on the orange and Dan says the smiles on the escorts’ faces “turned upside down – WAY down!”

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