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January 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Michelle Williams won her Golden Globe award thanks to having murdered her child, she suggested on Sunday.

Her reasoning was reminiscent of the U.S. Supreme Court’s logic in Planned Parenthood v. Casey: abortion is necessary because it’s become so central to women’s economic success.

Williams’ pro-abortion speech was, predictably, met with fawning praise from the liberal media.

Some people not supportive of baby butchery might respond that women can “have it all” – we can make it to the top of our professional field and fulfill our career aspirations and be mothers without sacrificing anything. Is that really true?

Parenthood requires sacrifice. Pregnancy often brings with it considerable suffering: morning sickness, aches and pains, dizziness, extreme fatigue. After pregnancy comes childbirth, which no one pretends is easy, and then sleepless nights with a newborn who requires constant attention.

Unless a woman has the privilege of being able to hire a night nurse, a nanny, a maid, and a personal trainer, the postpartum period will mean giving up, at the very least, either sleep, time, a clean house, or a sculpted body.

Children – and childcare options, many of which are far from ideal – do have an impact on their moms’ careers. It’s easy to see why abortion would appeal to someone like Michelle Williams, whose career relies at least in part on how she looks. What about women with jobs that require them to travel a lot? Or women who are working grueling hours trying to make partner at a law firm?

Sure, a baby doesn’t necessarily mean a woman can’t succeed professionally. But a baby very often means, especially for the less privileged, that professional “success” must be delayed, given up, or redefined.

Is that such a bad thing? Parenthood changes men and women. Most parents say it’s made them less selfish. Most also say they love their children far more than any job, and that they wouldn’t trade hearing their baby say “Mama” or “Dada” for the first time for a million dollars.

The bottom line is this: killing an innocent human being is always wrong, even if choosing not to means giving up a “dream” job or thin body. Does it really matter whether women can “follow our dreams” without killing our unborn children?

Life will always have suffering, sacrifice, and trade-offs.

Suffering does not make it okay to kill someone. Sacrifice is the fabric of parenthood. And when it comes to trade-offs, sometimes women do have to choose our babies over something else – something far less precious.

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