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Dear Rep. Ted Lieu and other ‘Catholic’ Democrats in Congress

Your stated personal beliefs and the policies favored by your party reflect an allegiance to Lucifer more than to Christ; to Satanism more than Catholicism.
Tue Jun 22, 2021 - 2:36 pm EST
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WASHINGTON, June 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — This is an open letter from a repentant once-gay man who is now practicing the true Catholic faith:

Dear Rep. Ted Lieu and your Catholic Democrat Congressional colleagues,

You have dared the entire body of U.S. Bishops to deny you communion, and in so doing, have revealed who and what you truly are.

You authored a “Statement of Principles” to challenge the bishops, which began with an overt lie:

As legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives, we work every day to advance respect for life and the dignity of every human being. We believe that government has moral purpose.

“Outrageous. A bunch of laypeople who deny human rights to the unborn and support the legal slaughter of innocent children have the nerve to lecture the bishops on moral and sacramental theology,” said Ryan Anderson, President of the Ethics & Public Policy Center. “The denial of legal protections to the unborn is itself a grave sin to be repented of.”

“[F]or numbers of public Catholics, destroying human life by the hundreds of thousands in the womb every year is just another ‘issue,’” wrote Robert Royal, President of the Faith & Reason Institute. 

“Before receiving Communion, Catholics liturgically proclaim that they are not worthy to receive,” noted Eric Sammons, Editor-in-Chief of Crisis Magazine. “Yet pro-abortion Catholics diabolically invert this, proclaiming to the world that they *are* worthy, in spite of the clear teaching of the Church in this regard.”

Let’s face it: The policies and practices which you stand for are among the most hideous known to mankind, and yet you not only deem them to be normal, you celebrate them and congratulate yourselves for your sophistication and tolerance. What you tolerate is demonstrably evil according to the Catholic Church and all reasoning human beings.

I’ll go further than Anderson, Royal, or Sammons: Your stated personal beliefs and the policies favored by your party reflect an allegiance to Lucifer more than to Christ; to Satanism more than Catholicism.

Men protect women and children; they don’t abuse them

Fr. James Altman came under fire last year for proclaiming, “You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat.”

I’ll go further than Fr. Altman: There are no men in the Democrat Party. Not a single one.

Sure, there are males who support the policies favored by Democrats, but not one of them is a man by any standard other than biology.

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To the 36 male Democrat members of Congress who signed your names to the letter, here’s what you need to know: 

  • Men don’t allow the slaughter of children in their mother’s wombs. True men protect women and children from harm and shield them from murderers. 

  • Men — true men — believe in the sanctity of marriage and the family and not the savaged, contorted redefinitions and fun-house mirror interpretations that you inflict on our culture. The sole, immutable definition of marriage is grounded in complementarity and is conjugal. Period.

  • Men — true men — do not shrug their shoulders at or engage in sodomy. Love is love. Sodomy is sodomy. Love and sodomy share nothing in common. Sodomy is a mockery of love, ultimately meant to mock Christ and His Bride, the Church.

  • Men — true men — find it unthinkable to medically or surgically mutilate the healthy bodies of young people who experience gender dysphoria. Yet you align yourselves with the Dr. Josef Mengeles of our day.

And Catholic men and women — true Catholic men and women — would never dare to force all these strange and perverse ideologies, all of which are antithetical to Catholicism and holiness, upon the Holy Catholic Church. Yet you do so with impunity.

Your letter intended to intimidate the 168 members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who wonder if you, President Biden and Nancy Pelosi (among others), should continue to receive Communion, is an offensive, desperate attempt to deflect the application of the laws of nature and the Church away from your consciences. 

Tremble before God

When my wife and I separated in 1998 and divorced a couple years later, I went off to live as a gay man. I stopped going to Church. As I began to come to my senses about ten years ago, I abstained from sex and dating. Daily, for three years, I dropped in at the local parish church, knelt in the back, and would say, “Here I am Lord. I screwed up. I’m not worthy to receive You.”

Only after a few years of chaste living did I dare return to the Sacraments. I had to be sure I would not again offend God the way I had been. Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, I confessed my sins, repented, and only then could I again call myself “Catholic,” a follower of Jesus Christ, and return to the Sacrament of Communion.

I knew my ways were offensive to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and weakened the Body of Christ. I trembled before God and spent three years on my knees before daring to do what was necessary to again call myself “Catholic.”  

Fr. Altman is right: “You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat.” And you 36 male signatories cannot plausibly call yourselves “men.”

And the bishops who support you — including my own, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, archbishop of Washington — are equally unrecognizable as either Catholics or men.

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