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Democrats used every dirty trick in the book to get Biden to the White House

Biden will be president for the next four years, but everyone in D.C. knows who really won the election.
Tue Jan 19, 2021 - 10:35 am EST
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January 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A year ago, President Trump was riding high. Unemployment rates were at historic lows, the stock market was hitting new highs, and the U.S. economy was the envy of the world.

Trump had accomplished all this despite constant betrayals by back-stabbing RINOs, sabotage by the denizens of the Deep State, and vicious partisan attacks by the Democrats, who had never accepted the results of the 2016 election.

They pulled out all the stops to drive Trump from office, or at least drive him to distraction. The phony Russian collusion charge was followed by the Mueller witch hunt, an attempted coup that even the mercurial Lindsey Graham now denounces (albeit two years too late). Then came the absurd effort to impeach the president for having a phone conversation with a Ukrainian leader about a certain corrupt American politician.

But none of these dirty tricks worked. Trump’s pro-growth, pro-America policies had unleashed the country’s animal spirits, and the economy continued to surge ahead, creating jobs by the millions and raising wages for ordinary Americans.

A year ago, Trump’s popularity was higher than Obama’s had been going into the 2012 presidential campaign. The president was clearly poised for a crushing victory, one which was certain to carry many Republicans in close House and Senate races across the finish line to victory.

The Democrat establishment ditched the more popular Bernie Sanders, handing off the nomination instead to old Joe Biden. Biden’s reputation as a moderate would, they hoped, help them avoid total electoral disaster.

Then, in late January, 2020, we began to get word of a new virus that was spreading across China. Trump took decisive action, shutting off flights to and from China, but still the China Virus managed to reach our shores.

The Dems seized upon the pandemic like a drowning man clutching a life-preserver. When Trump solved the ventilator shortage, they demanded a vaccine. When Trump announced “two weeks to flatten to curve,” they claimed that the lockdowns would have to go on for a year. When he said the cure cannot be worse than the disease, they practically accused him of committing mass murder.

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Democrat governors and mayors, acting on their own, did their best to crash the economy. Key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan stayed shut down all the way through to the election, bankrupting businesses and costing jobs. Nancy Pelosi did her part as well, maximizing the economic pain of the American people by withholding a second round of stimulus checks for months on end. There is no doubt that the political left weaponized the coronavirus to defeat Trump, heedless of the tens of millions of lives they destroyed in the process.  

The endless succession of summer riots was another ploy to weaken the president. They were intended by the left, including Kamala Harris, to stoke up racist sentiment against a president who I believe is truly colorblind. Too many black and Hispanic Americans, seeing how Trump’s policies had improved their lives, were thinking about leaving the Democrat plantation. The riots, along with the China Virus, helped to slow down this exodus, though it did not stop it.

After all the phony Trumpian scandals, a real one emerged in the weeks before the election. But it concerned their own candidate, Joe Biden, and his wayward son, Hunter. By now everyone knows that Hunter’s laptop (which has been kept “safe” by the FBI since November 2019) allegedly contains evidence of pedophilia and corrupt Ukrainian and Chinese business dealings.

This had the prospect of really hurting Old Joe, so the mainstream media went into lockdown. They simply refused to cover the biggest political scandal since Benghazi. Hunter and the other members of the Biden Crime Family went into hiding. As for the “Big Guy” himself — as Biden was referred to in one payoff scheme — he went around mumbling that it had all been “debunked.”

The media, in short, made a huge in-kind campaign contribution to Biden, and this in turn made a huge difference in the outcome of the election. One in every eight Biden voters later said that, had he known about the scandal, he would not have voted for him.

At the same time, the media doubled down on their efforts to discredit Trump and demoralize his voters. They commissioned phony polls, one of which showed Biden an incredible 17 points ahead in Wisconsin (!). Yet even the media’s protective coverage of Biden and its relentless attacks on Trump were not nearly enough sway the electorate in Old Joe’s favor.

So, on Election Night, the Democrats had to resort to massive fraud in a half-dozen key swing states. If you doubt this, you need to read Peter Navarro’s brilliant account in three volumes.

So, yes, Donald Trump won. No one believes that, thanks to a massive infusion of votes arriving at 4 A.M., Biden received the most votes of any candidate in history. But, whether because of cowardice or death threats, the fraud has been allowed to stand. The Republican-controlled state legislatures refused to convene, and state and federal courts largely refused to take up the cases on largely specious grounds of “lack of standing,” or they delayed hearings until after the inauguration.

Biden will be president for the next four years, but everyone in D.C. knows who really won the election. And it wasn’t a 78-year-old man who campaigned from his basement, picked as his running mate one of the most unpopular candidates ever, who was confirmed in the middle of the night by a divided Congress, and who will be inaugurated inside a walled in Capitol with 26,000 troops to protect him. (From what, it’s not clear.)

It took every dirty trick in the book, along with a few invented just for this electoral cycle, to bring Trump down. But, as the saying goes, you can’t keep a good man down. Nor can you dissolve a movement of over a hundred million Americans by threatening to take down their Twitter accounts.

The MAGA movement — a movement based on faith, life, family, and freedom — is alive and well. And there is no doubt that the Democrats remain terrified by it and by the man who inspired it. The second phony impeachment — which Pelosi reportedly is not even going to send over to the Senate — is proof enough of that.

My predictions:

In 2021, Trump will start a conservative media company and make billions of dollars.

In 2022, MAGA candidates he endorses will take back the House and the Senate, retiring many RINOs and Democrats.

In 2024, to complete the trifecta, he will be re-elected to the office of president of the United States, scoring the biggest political comeback in American history.

Steven W. Mosher is the president of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.

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