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Denmark Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen

September 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews)  Following Canada's lead, Denmark Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen announced Tuesday that his tiny nation will give $37 million to pro-abortion organizations abroad to help compensate for the U.S. pullout of all international abortion funding under President Trump.

“This is a clear signal to America. If somebody drops the torch, others must pick it up. The world needs leadership,” Rasmussen told the broadcaster DR, according to a Townhall report.

“Denmark cannot take over from the USA. We are a small country compared to the U.S., but a voice for freedom is needed in a world with war and conflict,” he said, echoing the Orwellian euphemisms of the feminist abortion-on-demand lobby that denies the “freedom” of children once conceived to be born and enjoy life.

In July, Canada’s Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that it will pour $241.5 million into providing and promoting contraception and abortion in developing nations — particularly in Africa — as part of a commitment to securing global access to “sexual and reproductive health and rights,” LifeSiteNews reported.

Denmark needs babies

Ironically, as the Scandinavian nation steps forward in the “progressive” cause of funding abortions across the world, it is suffering from a birth dearth at home — so much so that various pro-fertility ad campaigns have been launched to encourage Danish couples to have children.

“Do it for mom,” urged one “sexy” commercial aimed at generating more Danish pregnancies, the U.K. Independent reported last year. The ad speaks to the frustration of older Danes at their lack of grandchildren to dote over due to the nation’s contraceptive culture (which it shares with many other Western nations).

Not helping Denmark’s anemic 1.69 birth rate (2014) is its strong support of “LGBT pride.” No matter that the nation’s official website touts Denmark’s strong Christian heritage, another sad irony here but one that is hardly unique to the Scandinavian nation.

According to The Independent, one Danish pro-fertility ad showed “an older woman imagining her future grandchild,” accompanied by these words: “The Danish welfare system is under pressure. There are still not enough babies being born, despite a little progress. And this concerns us all. But those who suffer the most are perhaps the mothers who will never experience having a grandchild.”

(I’m sure there are plenty of aging Danish fathers who also yearn for grandkids to bounce on their lap and impart some wisdom to.)

Danish national television is doing its part, crassly getting right to the point by airing a program titled “Knald for Denmark” or “Screw for Denmark,” The Independent reported. The Danish “Do it for Denmark” campaign has drawn world attention.

It’s working: Danish baby boom

The terrific news is that the Danish pro-baby campaigns appear to have worked marvelously, and could be a model for the rest of the demographically-challenged West. There was an unexpected boomlet of Danish babies in 2016 resulting in part from the ads, with 1,200 more births due in 2016 that the year before, according to Dutch publications like Politiken.

Note the timing in this report by the Danish site The Local in June 2016 (emphasis theirs):

Remember those sexy ads telling Danes to ‘do it for mom’? Well, they seem to have worked.

Nine months after a set of campaigns encouraging Danes to get busy procreating, the nation is set for a baby boom. 

According to a report in Politiken, the summer of 2016 will bring around 1,200 more Danish babies than last year. 

The timing of the baby boom certainly raises eyebrows, given nine months ago Danes were targeted by a series of campaigns telling them to get busy between the sheets.

Perhaps Danes would be better served by their government diverting its huge “family planning” expenditure abroad — aimed at shrinking families in poor countries through contraception and abortion  to a sustained fertility project at home that actually helps create more Danish families with children.

I’m just speculating here as an American, but I suspect that potential future Danish grandmas and grandpas would side with me on the need for such a politically incorrect switch in national priorities.

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Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (, a Chicago-based organization that exposes and counters the LGBTQ agenda. He is a former reporter for The Washington Times, worked as a writer, editor and analyst for Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, and was a speaker for Focus on the Family. A graduate of the University of Michigan, LaBarbera got his start at Accuracy in Media and over the last 25 years has been widely interviewed by Christian, conservative and secular media on the homosexual-transgender agenda. Peter has been happily married for 28 years to wife Cristina. They are the blessed parents of five children.