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(LifeSiteNews) — However solid Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson may be on certain issues, pornography is not one of them.

My guest on today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is LifeSiteNews journalist Matt Lamb. We discuss Prager and Peterson’s troubling remarks on pornography and the sin of lust, a possible Eucharistic miracle at a Catholic church in the state of Connecticut, and Bishop Fulton Sheen’s prayer to spiritually adopt an unborn baby in danger of abortion.

Prager, a conservative commentator and Jewish scholar of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), claimed on an episode of the DailyWire+ series “Exodus” that looking at a woman with lust in one’s heart (Matthew 5:28) is not a sin in Judaism.

Presented with a counterargument that Christ’s words here are a logical exposition of the Tenth Commandment (“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife,” etc.), Prager doubled down by claiming there is no “ban on lusting” in the Mosaic Law, and then appeared to suggest that pornography use may not be damaging as long as it doesn’t negatively affect a married couple’s sex life.

Peterson, who has his own shortcomings on same-sex “marriage,” appeared to lend support to Prager’s argument as well. Lamb calls Prager’s contentions “disturbing” and “not very convincing.”

“God kills Onan for the sin of, I’ll say, self-abuse. And lust, whether or not it fits into a specific one of the 613 Jewish laws, [it] certainly opens us up to further sin,” he says. “It sounded like Dennis Prager agreed that a marital affair, adultery would be sinful. And so I would want to wonder why he would even open himself up, or encourage others, or permit others opening themselves up to pornography or other lustful behaviors, that even if he doesn’t consider it a sin, would put someone in an occasion of sin[.]”

“I would ask Dennis Prager: Does he think that King David only sinned when he committed adultery, or when he looked with lust? I would say that he sinned when he looked at lust, and at a minimum … that opened up those further sins of adultery and murder actually, too,” he adds.

As for the possible Eucharistic miracle at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Thomaston, Connecticut, Lamb calls it a “great reminder that God’s love never runs out.”

“I think it was only a couple of weeks ago, at [one of the] recent Latin Masses, that they read that Gospel reading of the … bread and fishes, which is not a parable about sharing, as some people have said. It’s an actual miracle that actually happened,” he says.

“And how great going into Easter to have this possible miracle as a way for us to strengthen our resolve as we wrap up Lent.”

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