Yesterday’s story, Barkin mad: Actress hopes hurricane kills ‘every pro-life’ SOB; Cher hopes Akin gets raped generated a flood of responses in the comments section under the story. While it is true that the reported statements by Ellen Barkin and Cher were pure hate speech and they should be held to public account for them, it has been distressing to see the many incredibly vicious, hateful and often vulgar comments in return from readers.

We have never seen so many grossly insulting and violent reactions to any past story on LifeSiteNews. Most, if not all of those undoubtedly came from individuals who are not regular LifeSiteNews readers and who read the story via an external link or Google search.


Some readers, especially in the early responses, thankfully got it that these two women are likely in need of much love, prayers and help to overcome whatever has made them so irrationally vicious. Clearly, self-love is absent in their lives and it could very well be that one or more abortions are behind their actions. That is what abortion can do to women. Condemning and insulting them and wishing they were aborted or otherwise dead or killed in various nasty ways (yes there were many comments like that) cannot ever be the response of a pro-life person! Again, though, it is very doubtful that any of these comments were made by pro-life readers.

More comments had to be deleted from this story than ever in our history. They grossly violated every rule of charity and respect due to other persons, no matter how wrong they are. There are lessons to be learned here. Tactics of conversion and drawing people to the truth are hugely more appropriate than condemnation and eye for an eye retribution. Ask, ex-Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abbey Johnson, many now pro-life, former abortionists, and the ever growing numbers of Silent No More Awareness members.