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Editor’s note: This account is published under a pseudonym. The author is well known to LifeSiteNews. It is yet another example of the cruel and irrational character of COVID regimes all over the world.

GOLD COAST, Queensland, Australia, January 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – My wife and I were very excited to prepare for the birth of our third child on August 15th of this year, but God had other plans. 

When she started bleeding on Boxing Day we both feared the worst and decided we should head to the nearest hospital to get an ultrasound and a blood test done to see if anything could be done to save our baby. We brought our 8-month-old son with us. 

Because we had crossed the border from New South Wales into Queensland the week before, and only a day before Queensland Premier Annastacia Palasczuk shut the border due to a cluster of coronavirus cases on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – about an hour away from our place – we were asked to wait in an isolation room.

Our experience in that hospital on Queensland’s Gold Coast was surreal for me, and traumatic for my wife. 

Whenever a doctor or nurse would enter our isolation room they would put on a mask, gloves, and a fresh coat. 

Bloodwork and an ultrasound were organized, but not after we were told that we would have to be tested for COVID and isolate until the results came back, because Palasczcuk had backdated the period for which the entire greater Sydney region was considered a hotspot, despite neither of us going anywhere near the local hotspots in Sydney. 

I told the doctor that we do not consent to have a COVID test due to its unreliability and the fact that we were at the hospital for totally unrelated reasons. He said he’d have to go back and discuss the matter with his boss. 

He came back 30 minutes later and told us his boss would offer us a compromise: my wife had to get tested but my son and I did not, which keeps with the theme of many government-enforced COVID restrictions in its lack of logic; if we were at the hospital because I had broken my leg, for example, I would be the one to get tested. 

I told the doctor that this complete abandonment of the principle of medical freedom was tyrannical. I don’t know if it was just to appease us, but he agreed, apologetic that he simply needed to follow orders.

“What would happen if we just walked right out of here and went home without taking a test?” I asked.

He replied that he would have to tell his boss, who would send the police after us with a $5,000 fine. 

So, we were stuck. We were forced to comply with the agenda. Or else. 

My wife took the test, which she found excruciatingly on top of the heartbreak and physical pain she was already experiencing. 

Bloodwork and the ultrasound came back inconclusive, but it was clear we were losing this baby as blood loss increased.

After three or four doctors or nurses had been to see us in the isolation room, fully geared up in their hazmat suits, our original doctor came back inside maskless and gloveless, to tell us we were free to go. We were allowed to walk through the hospital to the exit with no protective gear ourselves. None of it makes sense. 

We left the hospital relieved, but fearful for the next time we might need a hospital. 

Because even if it is for a totally unrelated reason, who is to say we won’t be coerced into taking the experimental COVID vaccine against our wills?