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Jack Fonseca and Dr. Miriam Grossman

November 27, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – It has been frustrating for parental rights leaders, who have been warning about the Ontario Government’s immoral, abusive sex-ed program, to see so much public acceptance of the false charges of government, religious and other leaders that the critics are making a big deal over nothing.

The challenge has been to make people understand how genuinely dangerous and evil this program is, for both Catholic and public school students. Our opponents slyly say, “Who are they going to believe, some noisy, protesting parents, or government education experts and the bishops of Ontario?”

Unfortunately, institutional status often means far too much to many people, no matter how accurate the facts that are presented to them. The children then become tragic victims of this misplaced trust.

Thankfully, there have been some very knowledgeable persons and good communicators whose arguments and evidence have been hard to resist. Following are four videos that pretty well say it all.

If someone views these, and is reasonably open-minded and objective, I don’t see how they can possibly not come to realize how very dangerous the Wynne government sex-ed program will be for the lives of all children exposed to the program in the province’s schools – Catholic or public.

Jack Fonseca of Campaign life Coalition has been battling the harmful sex-ed programs for years. He knows the facts and how to convey them – with believable passion. He deeply cares for your children. In the first video, Jack powerfully conveys in just 6 minutes, the specific dangers of the Wynne sex-ed program.

In a second, 9-minute-video Fonseca exposes the deadly consultants that the government and schools have been and will continue to use for the explicit, innocence demolishing, radical sex indoctrination program. If this does not shake parents, then nothing will waken such parents.

Dr. Miriam Grossman, an American expert on the harm of sex education programs, very thoroughly ripped the Wynne program to shreds in her talk to a large Toronto audience this past August.

Grossman is a pro who knows how to communicate very effectively on her expertise. You won’t fall asleep listening to the Doctor. Any parents with young children still in school, or about to enter school, and even high school students, must listen to her talk.

The Institute of Marriage and Family in Canada has produced an excellent 7-minute video on the sex ed curriculum called 10 Things parents need to know about the new sex ed

These overly explicit programs are being pushed into schools all over the world as a result of intense United Nations/International Planned Parenthood/Western government pressure. The intent is to destroy the family and to change sexual attitudes and behaviour so that sex becomes only a recreational activity and therefore vastly fewer children will be born into this supposedly overpopulated world.

The sex indoctrinators also want children to be under the control of the state and its agencies, not their parents, so that a purely secular new world order can be established. The natural family has always been a major obstacle to totalitarian agendas. We must resist this evil program with all the strength and wits and faith and trust in God that we can muster.

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