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(LifeSiteNews) — Tonight’s episode of The John-Henry Westen is a special one. Joining me is the renowned cardiologist and medical freedom advocate Dr. Peter McCullough. You know it’s a good episode when the guest and material are considered too “controversial” for YouTube!

I’m also joined later in the episode by LifeSiteNews journalist Patrick Delaney for his reaction and commentary. But first, Dr. McCullough and I discuss the transfer of mRNA through breast milk, kissing, and sexual contact, as well as skyrocketing excess deaths around the world of people who suffered known side effects of the experimental COVID jabs.

Dr. McCullough tells us about a new study confirming the presence of mRNA found in the breast milk of mothers who received the COVID jab, and another one showing that kissing and sexual contact “almost certainly are methods of transference.”

Now, we don’t know the fate of what happens when [the mRNA-tainted breast milk] goes into the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Is it broken down by stomach acid and other proteolytic enzymes, or does it survive? But this is very concerning,” Dr. McCullough says.

As much as ever, Dr. McCullough is determined to share the dangers of COVID jabs and speak the truth about how COVID jab skeptics are still much better off never getting vaccinated, given the continued prevalence of heart damage, blood clots, and neurological damage among the jabbed.

In fact, Dr. McCullough implies the COVID jab is more dangerous than the virus itself.

“This SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was bad enough as it is, but now the mass vaccination program, which has been administered to two thirds of the world’s population, has been a debacle,” he says. “Recall that we had COVID-19 in 2020 for the full year, and there really wasn’t an increase in all-cause mortality. But it really ticked up in 2021 and 2022. Skyrocketed, in fact. And the only new exposure now is mass vaccination. We’re seeing it across the world recently.”

Then I invite on LifeSiteNews journalist Patrick Delaney to get his reaction to the interview. He describes the data in studies shared by Dr. McCullough as “quite frightening.”

“I know of a couple of friends of mine, and they had a lot of contention over the shot, and the husband got the shot and the wife didn’t. Well, guess what? It looks like the wife got the shot, too, because he could pass to her the mRNA that would enter her body and perform the tasks of creating the spike proteins and the rest of it,” he says. “So it’s quite frightening.”

Delaney reminds us that behind the COVID jab push is a massively coordinated, sinister campaign that we can never lose sight of.

“I had the great privilege of interviewing [former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon], and we discussed theology … and he said, ‘I’m not a religious person. But looking at what has happened here … the people who orchestrated this and coordinated it and put it together would be the type of people that would worship Satan,'” Delaney recounts. “That’s what this scientist said, this former chief science officer from Pfizer said.”

Tonight’s episode is truly incredible. Listen below or scroll above to watch the interview.

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