FRONT ROYAL, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – Globalist Bill Gates exercises a chilling choke-hold over the world and it is becoming increasingly clear for all to see, said mRNA pioneer and medical freedom fighter Dr. Robert Malone. 

“It’s nefarious. The tentacles of the Gates Foundation run all through our modern world,” explained Malone in the first of a two-part exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale. “When I speak about this, sometimes I say, ‘As I run down these various rabbit holes, trying to understand what’s happened to all of us, that I have been doing over the last couple of years, it seems every time I turn a corner and there’s Bill Gates.’” 

Malone asserts that Gates, having positioned himself strategically in the halls of power and various industries, has shown himself to be a master monopolist.  

“And we all saw that with Microsoft Explorer, and then we’ve seen [Gates] basically monopolize world health,” observed Malone. “The power of the money that he has is profound. And now he wants to monopolize farming, apparently.”

Malone continued: “So he’s a monopolist. That’s what he does. He’s really good at it. He knows how to pull all the levers. He knows how to control governments. He knows how to control transnational organizations. He knows how to control the press. He is the biggest funder of the growth of advocacy journalism, and the teaching of advocacy journalism, in places like Columbia.” 

Despite Gates’ demonstrated influence, Malone indicates that the previous institutional narrative surrounding the need for COVID mandates and the loss of sovereignty is undergoing a controlled demolition. In its place globalists and their operatives within the intelligence community are attempting to pivot to a new narrative. Malone believes that this was demonstrated with the recent failure by the mainstream media and World Health Organization to stoke worry over the monkeypox virus.  

Now that that effort has cooled, climate change and the attempt to normalize the idea of climate lockdowns, says Malone, has become the latest boogeyman proffered by the globalists over which to be concerned. 

Malone believes that despite the relentless, elitist push for a global control-mechanism upon the populace there remains reason for hope. 

“I think the gift that we’ve been given, looking for the silver linings, wherever we can find them with COVID, is that mismanagement has been so egregious, the censorship and information control has been so overt, that we can now all see it — at least those of us that aren’t hypnotized,” Malone reflected. 

“Maybe thirty percent — remember only twenty percent, or maybe ten percent, of people really want to be free. Most people want to be told what do… So maybe we have now twenty to thirty percent of the population that is aware — your viewership for instance — that is aware of what we have all experienced and how carefully it’s been manipulated and mismanaged by various global interests.” 

While Malone notes that the fight for freedom has been a heavy burden to bear, he remains committed to bringing clarity the cause.  

“We are never going to get to the bottom of figuring out how we can fix it, unless we understand it,” he said. 

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Nick Marmalejo is a journalist for LifeSiteNews. He has earned an M.A. in Education from University of Bath (U.K.) and graduated from Christendom College with a degree in History. Prior to joining LifeSiteNews, Nick most recently worked for Seton Home Study School as a history teacher and then director of its high school guidance department. Nick was also the editor of the inspirational pro-life periodical Celebrate Life magazine from 2003-2005. Nick’s interests include chess, construction, and old tools. He currently resides in Strasburg, Virginia with his wife and five children.