FRONT ROYAL, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – Although Dr. Anthony Fauci has announced his intention to retire, the continued exposure of his machinations at the highest levels of government to steer the United States’ response to the COVID pandemic may yet sink his efforts to sail into the sunset unscathed.

The rules have never applied to Tony Fauci,” said mRNA pioneer and freedom fighter Robert Malone in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews’ Jim Hale. “I have lived with it my whole life. He will break the blind on a clinical trial so that he can announce his results in the press before some other trial that is about to conclude properly, just so he can get the headlines.”

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Malone recounted that in Fauci’s role as director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), he possesses what amounts to his own press room, staffed by more than 60 people, to run stories to the media and the medical and political establishments. 

“They have actively controlled — Tony and his minions — all information, all research really in infectious disease, the corporate media,” said Malone. “It’s clearly documented [that] he’s had multiple reporters fired for writing something he didn’t want them to say.” 

Fauci’s abuse and power over medicine reached a zenith during the pandemic. Malone speculates that while the government as a whole may have immunity from prosecution for the numerous ways it betrayed patient trust during the pandemic, specific individuals from within the government will not remain shielded from the hammer of justice.  

And Fauci may be foremost among them. 

According to Malone, Louisiana’s attorney general Jeff Landry’s lawsuit against the federal government for its numerous agencies’ collusion with big tech to control free speech is yielding “a treasure trove” of documentation supporting Landry’s case.  

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“Those individuals have to have been structured,” elaborated Malone, referring to the Deep State’s leadership within those agencies. “Somebody must have been controlling that messaging and those decisions. That’s the way the government works. It’s not all totally random.” 

“We already have the FOIA showing Tony Fauci colluding with Cliff Lane and Francis Collins to destroy the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration,” Malone continued.  “And so, you already had the smoking gun in that case, and so it was an easy case to go to the court with and say, ‘Hey, we already got this much — how much more is behind this? And I think that might have been part of what made this compelling.”  

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But I think that what will happen if it comes up that Tony Fauci was personally involved in guiding this—Tony Fauci, Francis Collins, Cliff Lane, whoever the players are—when that comes out, they are all going to be subject to lawsuit by the people that have been damaged.” 

“I know Tony has a big bankroll and he’s retiring with the biggest pension in the history of the United states, but I don’t know if that’s going to be any kind of firewall if that information comes out,” Malone concluded. 

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