1970s sitcom star Jimmy J.J. Walker – known for his catch-phrase “Dyn-o-mite!” – said recently the “good times” only occur in traditional marriage.

Appearing on CNN Monday to promote his new book, Dyn-o-mite! Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times: A Memoir, he revealed he is politically right-of-center and made an apologetic but unbowed defense of marriage:


CNN: How do you describe yourself politically?

Walker: I’m a realist independent. I’m against Affirmative Action, because we’re at a point now where some things outlive their usefulness.

CNN: You’re also against gay marriage.

Walker: Yeah I am. There’s just certain traditions that need to be upheld. I’ll give you the other side of it, no it doesn’t affect me, no it doesn’t change my life. There’s just traditions that need to be dealt with. I’m a believer that gay marriage should be passed because the battle is not worth the war. The gay lobby is very loud. I’m totally against it.

In 100 years from now, people are going to go, “Who was against gay marriage?” And I’ll be one of those idiots and say, “That’s me.” I’m just against it on moral grounds. That’s it. I’m as much a heathen as anybody. I just don’t believe on moral grounds it should be done. I don’t like it. I don’t accept it.

In an earlier appearance, Walker surprised viewers by telling Bill O’Reilly he had never voted for Barack Obama.

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Obama’s endorsement of redefining marriage has set off a raging debate within the black community between its traditional rejection of homosexuality and its support for the first black president.

Walker’s views on race have softened, as well. The former Black Panther said his act was considered too preachy about the plight faced by black Americans. But after he experienced mainstream success with the show Good Times, he and the show’s other characters were considered “not black enough.”

At the height of his success, his 31-writer comedy staff included such talents as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Louie Anderson, and Byron Allen.

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