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Help Canadian Dad who was fired for refusing vax: LifeFunder

VANCOUVER (LifeSiteNews) – A Vancouver man named Howard Breen has applied to the British Columbia health care system for euthanasia because of his “eco-anxiety.”

Breen does not have a terminal illness but desires to end his life because of mentally suffering which has ostensibly been brought on because of climate change – or at least his perception of what climate change is and its potential consequences.

Before we think that he is just grasping at straws and appealing to generic depression or melancholy and associating it with his climate views, he has in fact been officially diagnosed with “eco-anxiety and biosphere-related depression.”

Breen told Vice Magazine: “It becomes debilitating, the depression that I’m feeling around the state of things, and my inability to not be apprehensive about the future of my children specifically, is a huge concern for me.”

His personal Facebook page sheds light on his psychological disposition.

He wrote: “I AM NOT TERMINAL – MY PLANET WILL SOON BE!… I was the first Canadian to apply for MAiD [i.e. so-called Medical Assistance in Dying] for climate and nature anxiety because I did not want another of my activist friends to opt for an unmerciful self-deliverance from their deep despair.”

He then blamed conservatives in federal parliament for not supporting suicide for reasons such as eco-anxiety – I am not sure if there is evidence for that – and he blamed the premier of British Columbia for having “directly contributed to the deep sense of failure and ultimately the white-knuckled suicides of my comrades.”

He threatened to die of thirst by not drinking water in order to save old growth forests, and said his last words would be “Shame on the [far left-wing] Horgan NDP!”

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PETITION: Trudeau must apologize for "mass grave" smear that led to church-burnings
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This time last year, Justin Trudeau and his media allies were at the forefront of falsely accusing Catholic institutions of having buried Indigenous children in mass graves at various residential schools across Canada.

There was and is no credible evidence to support these wild accusations, but many Canadians are still unaware of the facts.

SIGN to demand an apology from Justin Trudeau for promoting the "mass grave" smear

The anger generated by the media at home and abroad saw over twenty Canadian churches burned, and extensive damage done to many more, but the record has never been set straight in what amounts to a disinformation campaign. 

Terry Glavin at the National Post recently wrote a masterful piece that may go down in history as the definitive “debunking” of the assertions about the mass graves that never were.

Glavin points out that “nothing new was added to the public record” concerning the history of residential schools in Canada.

“The legacy of the schools had already been exhaustively explored in the testimony of hundreds of elders and a series of inquiries, public hearings, criminal cases, settlements and federal investigations going back decades. Most important of these efforts were the widely publicized undertakings of the 2008-2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), and the content of its voluminous findings,” Glavin wrote.

“…[N]ot a single mass grave was discovered in Canada last year,” he added.

“The several sites of unmarked graves that captured international headlines were either already-known cemeteries, or they remain sites of speculation even now, unverified as genuine grave sites.”

“Not a single child” accounted for during the extensively researched commission “was located in any of these places,” Glavin underscored.

“In none of these places were any human remains unearthed.”

SIGN and SHARE the petition calling on Justin Trudeau to set the record straight.

Even Trudeau's kneeling at what was reported upon as a just-discovered residential school burial ground was a lie - it was actually a well-known Catholic cemetery, but the media didn't let these details get in the way of reinforcing their narrative.

Trudeau also called on Pope Francis to come to Canada and apologize for what had happened, as outlets like Reuters, the New York Times and scores more told the world that “nearly 1000 bodies” had been found in two mass graves. 

Those online articles were quietly edited from "mass graves" to "unmarked graves", but we still have the Twitter posts from major outlets like Reuters to prove the staggering level of misinformation. 

SIGN: Justin Trudeau must tell Canadians the truth - there were no mass graves

According to an extensive investigation by Professor Emeritus Jacques Rouillard from the Université de Montréal: “The ‘discovery’ was first reported last May 27 (2021) by Tk’emlúps te secwépemc First Nation Chief Rosanne Casimir after an anthropologist, Sarah Beaulieu, used ground-penetrating radar in a search for the remains of children alleged by some to be buried there.”

“Her preliminary report is actually based on depressions and abnormalities in the soil of an apple orchard near the school – not on exhumed remains.”

Professor Rouillard opined that the unverifiable narrative of what could have amounted to child-murder has led to the false assertion of genocide, an assertion without any supporting evidence.

“By never pointing out that it is only a matter of speculation or potentiality, and that no remains have yet been found, governments and the media are simply granting credence to what is really a thesis: the thesis of the ‘disappearance’ of children from residential schools,” Rouillard wrote.  

“And all of this is based only on soil abnormalities that could easily be caused by root movements, as the anthropologist herself cautioned in the July 15 press conference.”  

The vast majority of Canadians have been misled by the media and Mr. Trudeau, believing the most incredible smears imaginable, leading to scores of attacks on churches around the country. 

It's time we heard the truth.

Please sign the petition today.

We are also cc'ing Canada's Catholic bishops on this petition - they must also demand the record be corrected, lest Canadians continue believing the mainstream media's disinformation. 

For More Information: 

How the world's media got it wrong on residential school graves - National Post

Trudeau lied about the bogus mass grave story - LifeSiteNews

Trudeau's narrative was a hoax - LifeSiteNews

**Photo: St. Jean Baptiste Church in Morinville burned to the ground on June 30, 2021**

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Dark mind reveals a dark ideology

That Mr. Breen is suffering so greatly is very sad, and I hope he feels better and finds happiness, unless he has already done something irreversible. It should be noted that suicide is always a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and men like him should be helped in any way possible to see the light and find hope.

That being said, this window we have looked through into the mind of an environmental activist speaks volumes to the depth of despair inherent in that ideology.

Breen is a member of the Extinction Rebellion, which is a group of radical environmentalists who practice the old, tired tricks from the glory days of Greenpeace, but take it a step further. In fact, occult magic and suicidal ideology are not foreign to the mindset of the s0-called Rebellion.

It is a tragic irony that a man dedicated to rebelling against extinction believes that making himself extinct is a solution.

In any case, Breen’s mind and plight are indicative of a deep spiritual and philosophical issue that goes beyond mere environmentalism. There is an existential nihilism – a belief in the ultimate nothingness of existence – that plagues Breen and those who think like him.

One of many Doomsday  cults

Doomsday cults have always existed; sometimes they are explicitly religious, sometimes not. Ultimately, the ideology of the Doomsday adherent is that there is some sort of existential threat, and something must be done now. It is virtually impossible to get everyone to believe in the same ideology, even if the cultish ideas hold a certain power over the minds of society at large, like environmentalism does.

Thus, the most devoted of the bunch ultimately realize the futility of their endeavors but are “in too deep” to get out. These ideas also make people resentful of their fellow man, which breeds hatred for life itself. When all is said and done, suicide or even homicide is the logical conclusion for someone on a path like Breen’s.

The COVID ideology is not so different, even if the grip of the cultish framework is failing.

We can easily find parallels between virus zealots and enviro zealots. Both believe that a grave threat will soon kill us all, and a collective action is necessary lest we all perish. It is easy enough to stoke fear and get people to buy in, but in the end the ideas are too wacky to hold the attention of the masses forever.

Abusive ideologies

We often hear the devotees of these groups espousing the idea that they are motivated by compassion. COVID disciples have prattled on about “the vulnerable” for over two years now, and Breen makes it clear that his concern is ultimately for his kids.

However, it is the vulnerable who are hurt the most by these insane ideas. The elderly and the children of our societies have been the subject of a type of human sacrifice in order to “beat COVID” without any care for their quality of life. The last moments of the lives of aged persons have been sacrificed — apparently to save the aged — and children who have never been at risk of COVID have had two years of their burgeoning lives stolen from them.

Environmentalism does similar things to the vulnerable.

I recall being present at an assembly when I was a teacher that shook me to my core. It was during Earth Week, and there was a slew of presentations scheduled for the kids. One was about mental health and the environment, and it was as insane as you might imagine.

The presenter explained to the high-school kids just how bad everything was, and that the world was basically doomed. She then explained that it was a good thing to be upset about that because it was indicative of a compassionate heart, etc. To help the students make sense of their righteous melancholy about environmental woes, she suggested unplugging, doing some breathing exercises, and spending time with friends.

That’s right, the world is doomed, and we should be sad about that, but as long as we spend less time on our phones and breath like a yogi, we will be happier.

Watching children be exposed to this under the supervision of numerous adults was one of the reasons I knew I had to resign from teaching.

I’m afraid that I don’t think Breen will be the last of the eco-euthanasia seekers.

What other conclusion other than suicide can be reached if you believe that humans are a planetary plague, and that it is everyone else’s fault, and that all you can do to be happy is spend less time on Tik-Tok?

Help Canadian Dad who was fired for refusing vax: LifeFunder

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