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Eight facts most people don’t know about women having abortions

Mon Aug 26, 2013 - 10:36 am EST

Contrary to popular opinion a large proportion of abortions are either unwanted or coerced.

Image is an evidence-based Elliot Institute campaign to raise awareness about unwanted abortions, post-abortion issues and maternal deaths and to provide help, hope and healing.
The US-based Elliot Institute was founded in 1988 to perform original research and education on the impact of abortion on women, men, siblings, and society. It publishes research and educational materials and works as an advocate for women and men seeking post-abortion healing.
The following figures, referenced below from an Elliott Institute publication, are eight evidence-based facts about the pressures women having abortions face.

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1. 64% of women having abortions feel pressured by others into it by others (1)
2. The number one killer of pregnant women is homicide (2, 3)
3. 54% of women felt uncertain at the time of their abortion (1)
4. 52% of women felt rushed at the time of their abortion (1)
5. 67% of women received no counseling by the clinic or other service-providers who performed the abortion (1)
6. 84% of women felt they did not receive adequate counseling before their abortion (1)
7. 79% of women were not informed by the abortion provider about available alternatives (1)
8. If a teenager has had an abortion within the last six months she is six times more likely to commit suicide (4)
4. Garfinkel et al., “Stress, Depression and Suicide: A Study of Adolescents in Minnesota,” Responding to High Risk Youth (U. of Minnesota: Minnesota Extension Service, 1986).
Reprinted with permission from PJ Saunders

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