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Election 2012: What happened! 4 major causes. Now what?

Steve Jalsevac

First things first. 

We can’t go forward until we frankly confront where we are. That has always been an exceptionally useful LifeSiteNews principle .

So let me briefly get that over with. We are, as Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft says, “in deep doo doo.” It’s scary. The abysmal, incomprehensible reelection of Barack Obama and his minions, however it came about, threatens life, family, faith and many of our essential freedoms.

Cultural war to the max is coming up and the wheat will be separated from the chaff - those who truly believe and are willing to sacrifice for the good, no matter what the cost, from those who are lukewarm, comfortable and way too fearful or tied to the things and pleasures of this world. Civil disobedience will likely become necessary. Increased hostility and threats will have to be endured.

On the other hand, there were also many notable victories in the election. Not all was gloom. But the overall result is worth great concern.

So what made it possible for tyrant Obama to get re-elected despite overwhelming evidence that he is a danger to the nation? For what it’s worth, the following is my opinion:

1. Massive Voter Manipulation and Fraud.

This is one topic you will read about in very few, if any, other publications. Too controversial and difficult to prove or to do anything about.

Too many of the results in various states, electoral districts and other races just did not make sense. They defied polling just prior to the election and the observed spirit of the people living in those regions.

Rush Limbaugh said today, “Romney received two and a half million fewer votes than McCain did.  Now, who would have called that?  Who in the world would have?  I think Obama’s vote tally was down ten million from 2008, and we still lost.  We lost 50 to 48 nationally.  We were not able to build a turnout model that looked like 2004.  Very puzzling. “

And Rush added, “A majority of people like Obamacare in the exit poll. That goes against everything we’ve ever heard in any poll. Voters trust him more than Romney in an international crisis. What? How in the world can that be? In a rational, intelligent world, how can that be?”

That is just one of many confounded conservative commenters.

We know that Obama came out of and is still deeply involved with Marxist influenced Acorn and Bill Ayers through those he has placed in important positions in his administration and election campaign. These people play highly unethical hardball. Any means is seen to justify the end. I warned about this in a past blog. We have to take very seriously the revelations in Ben Johnson’s series on Buffy Wicks, Obama’s get-out-the-vote-leader. Among other things, as a typical Marxist, she exploits legitimate concerns of Americans to manipulate them towards achieving radical social change goals that they are not aware they are being used to implement.  Lenin called those used by Marxists “useful idiots”. Sorry, that’s not my language. That was Lenin’s .

There had to have been massive voter manipulation and fraud. The Democrats were up against the wall and the only way left for them to win this battle was to do everything possible to confuse the voters and fix the vote. This time they had the office of the president and all the power, influence and insider tools and information that come with that. They used it as likely no president has ever before. That’s my opinion.

To find out more about how successful Marxists have been in corrupting free nations see this incredible video about the activities of an ex Soviet KGB agent.

2. A Weak Republican Candidate
Romney turned out to be a more impressive and decent man than I had previously thought. He cleaned up on Obama at the Al Smith dinner. Still, his mantra was constantly about jobs and the economy. Definitely big issues, but he lacked an inspiring vision about more than that. People are much more than their economic concerns.  Obama proved that, even if it was all lies.

It was often difficult to determine just what Romney really stood for and at times, like that strange third debate, he seemed hardly different than Obama.

Romney made a deadly strategic error of letting Obama use the abortion issue totally to his advantage by not challenging any of Obama’s outrageous statements. For the most part, Romney avoided controversial social issues like the plague. Conservative politicians continue to make this self-defeating error usually advised by political advisers who don’t have a clue about the issue and are not with the candidate on the issue.

(Click “like” if you want to end abortion! )

Romney was disturbingly weak on the gay rights issues. His position on the life issues went up and down like a yo-yo. His knee jerk, harsh condemnation of Akin was another thing that made it difficult to build strong social conservative loyalty.  I especially found it strange that he was so enthusiastic about his two sons having had children via surrogates. That was a big clue to me that something was really wrong with this picture.  He seemed to be clueless about what should have been obvious to anyone exposed to so much pro-life influence as he was.

However, there were some very significant things that Romney promised to do such as defund Planned Parenthood, re-institute the Mexico City policy and appoint conservative Supreme Court justices. These would have been hugely positive changes.

Pro-life, pro-family leaders had no choice but to encourage support for Romney.  But the candidate made it awkwardly difficult and I don’t doubt millions voted for him while holding their noses. The priority was that Obama had to go - but he didn’t.

3. Extreme Mainstream Media Bias

With the exception of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Steyn and the other usual conservative media commentators, all the rest of the media and almost all newspapers, plus most of Hollywood, shamelessly behaved as though they were part of the Obama campaign. Responsible journalism took a holiday during the entire campaign. It was dreadful. They constantly did everything to make Obama look good and Romney look bad. They deliberately ignored glaring Obama vote killers such as the Benghazi debacle

There are very many Americans that do not view or read any conservative media so it was impossible for them to be influenced by the essential information they provided.  These uninformed voters were totally dependent on CNN, NBC, etc. for their facts about all the issues related to the election. Therefore, they were left clueless and believing all sorts of false information about the Republicans and not aware of all the facts revealing the dark side of the President.

4. Far Too Weak Religious Leadership

Admittedly, there were more strong statements and actions from religious leaders than in recent elections. We delighted in reporting as much of this as occurred. However, overall, religious leadership was still dreadfully lacking in proportion to the severity of the danger faith groups were facing from an Obama re-election. There was not the strong, nationwide call to resistance that was needed.

The USCCB once again issued its utterly useless laundry list of many voting issues that Catholics should consider. It instead should have finally issued a powerful call to arms on only the issues of religious freedom, freedom of conscience and grave threats to life and family - the bedrock foundations of any strong or even stable nation. Far too many Catholics yet again voted for Obama, although fewer than the last election.

Most of the religious leaders were still asleep, still clueless about the gravity of our situation, far too timid, still too entrenched in bureaucratic paralysis and perhaps a significant number implicated in the sins or moral rebellion of the corrupt culture.

Obama supporters among religious leadership were all too common as identified by their silence or weak pronouncements on the election. Too many seem incapable of enduring confrontation or adversarial relationships of the type that the Master, the apostles and all the martyred saints showed they must engage in to protect their flocks and all other good people.  This has to finally change. Much stronger religious leadership and national religious renewal is long overdue and absolutely essential. For me, this is the biggest issue of all, the one that has crippled the good in so many ways in the cultural wars. A wide spread return to religious faith and practice has the power on its own to cause dramatic change for good.

That’s my four major reasons for the Obama re-election. There are more reasons, but I’ll leave it at that.

What now?

We are seeing responses from many leaders indicating a new and notably different determination to persevere and re-group for battle.  I am seeing signs of a deeper, much more thoughtful response to what is now being understood as more of a great cultural and spiritual battle ahead of us.  That is good.  This defeat has shaken the good into a higher level of determination because they realize we have no choice but to do this.  We cannot surrender.

The devastating Obama victory seems to be facilitating the building of a new movement even more committed to restoring a truly human society and justice to America.  It is going to be very difficult and long term, but will also be exciting and rewarding for those who commit. 

God bless America and God bless those who are giving of themselves to bring the nation back to its senses, regardless of personal risks.

God bless America.

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Former Navy Seals and Marines depicted attempting to save US ambassador Stevens and his staff in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012 Frame from trailer of movie 13 Hours


U.S. Marines, Navy Seals, Benghazi and the LifeSite mission

Steve Jalsevac Steve Jalsevac Follow Steve
2015 and some previous years' John Cardinal O'Connor award recipients. From left: Jim Hughes, Wesley Smith, Dr. Angela Di Franchi, Fr. Frank Pavone, Kathy Di Fiore, Cynthia Perez, Janet Morana, Gemaine Wensley.
Bonnie and Steve Jalsevac, Tom Monaghan, John-Henry and Diane Westen and Jim Hughes, who initially introduced John-Henry and Steve and their wives to the Legates.
David Daleiden accepts Legatus’ Courage in the Marketplace Award from Legatus Founder Tom Monaghan

February 9, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) - That title likely seems very puzzling to you, but read on and it will be explained.

As John-Henry Westen noted in his recent blog post, we were both presented with the Cardinal John J. O’Connor Pro-Life Award by the Catholic CEOs and executives organization, Legatus, on January 29 at their annual Summit in Orlando, Florida.

Others were honored with various awards during the Summit with its gutsy, timely 2016 theme, “No More Comfortable Catholicism.” It was especially impressive to see that Legatus also gave special recognition to today’s most prominent pro-life hero, David Daleiden.

John-Henry and I, along with our wives, received the award from Legatus founder and president, Tom Monaghan. It was an emotional experience for all of us. After that, we gave separate remarks to the large luncheon crowd.

The Summit theme, and especially the powerful opening night speech by Professor Robert George, providentially set the stage for what we had already planned to say. George’s very frank talk, warning of the great challenges all faithful Christians must now face, and to not be ashamed to publicly be a Christian, was echoed by other speakers. By the time my turn came to speak, the Legates were prepared to hear the additional frankness that I had previously written.

The full text of that presentation is published below and in it, among other things, I explain the relevance of the movie 13 Hours and the sacrifices and efforts of the former Marines and Navy Seals in Benghazi that fateful September 11, 2012, to the work that our entire team does every day for LifeSite.

Both John-Henry and I were surprised by the many people who thanked us for our comments from that time onwards during the rest of the conference. Some especially appreciated the emphasis that we each placed or our wives’ support and sacrifices that have enabled us to do this work for all those years. Also, surprising was the apparently large percentage of Legates who had seen the movie 13 Hours and understood what I had tried to convey. That is a rough, violent, but also historically accurate movie to watch. Clearly, Legates are no wimps.

The exceptional quality and fidelity of the speakers we have heard at the four Legatus Summits we have attended so far have greatly impressed us. I would highly recommend membership in that organization for any Catholic CEO or business executive who meets the membership qualifications.

Steve Jalsevac remarks to Legatus Summit, January 29, 2016

I am grateful to you, Mr. Monaghan, and to the members of Legatus for this recognition of our work for the past 18 years.

I’ve looked at the long list of persons who received this award before and am humbled and greatly honored to be listed among those individuals who have all been my heroes.

Last year, I noticed at least two of the recipients were in tears when they were given the award. I understood. Most people don’t realize the intense dedication and personal sacrifices involved in pro-life work, the loneliness that often accompanies it and the many disappointments, criticisms, hatred, spiritual attacks and even betrayals that are endured. It’s often brutally difficult in today’s culture.

Few of the pro-life and pro-family leaders that I know look for personal recognition. And so, when they suddenly receive an award like this, it can be somewhat of a shock. We’re often exhausted, emotionally drained and not used to being recognized and thanked in such a big way. Hence the tears and emotional reactions.

The fact that you present these awards every year is a credit to Legatus. John-Henry and I have been impressed with the heart and the fidelity of Legatus members. You are a special group of men and women, and I sincerely mean that.

We saw that last year when two prominent invited speakers cancelled because of intimidation by gay activists, and yet, you had an all time record attendance. In that way, you proclaimed you are with the Church, you are with God, and you will not be intimidated. We loved reporting that on LifeSite.

Five of our board members are also Legatus members. Solid, faithful people who fit in well with our team of 25 staff in 6 nations. We are blessed to have them with us.

Both John-Henry and I feel we are accepting this award on behalf of our whole team. We call ourselves the lifeSite family. We also call our work a mission – a mission to especially serve all the pro-life and pro-family groups and leaders around the world, and a mission to, above all, serve the will of God.

LifeSite was started specifically to overcome the bias and shutdown of pro-life news by the mainstream media.  We have greatly succeeded in going around them directly to the public with over 30 million unique readers in the last year alone.

I must confess that I could not possibly have continued my pro-life work for over 35 years now, and done it with such intensity and endured the constant financial insecurity, the many trials, disappointments, intimidation lawsuits, threatening, vulgar emails and comments, and more, without the support of my wonderful wife Bonnie. Thank you my love. This award is even more for you than for me.  

Bonnie is my rock, keeping me steady and sane. She spends much time every day in prayer, prayer for me and for this work, and she prays for our 8 children and so far 16 grandchildren and for many others. She has had to have the patience of Job.

I must also thank John-Henry for being such an inspiring and capable partner in this humanly impossible task of managing and developing the world’s largest international news service on life, family and related culture issues. We are both different in many ways, but because of that, we have made a very effective team since LifeSite was founded in September, 1997.

The man who really got this started way back then, and who then did not even know “what an Internet was”, but just that he was told he had to have a website, is Jim Hughes. He was our boss when we were then working for Campaign Life Coalition in Canada (CLC). Jim asked me to set up a CLC website which soon became LifeSite. CLC fully funded LifeSite for its first several years until our size and expenses outgrew what they could afford.

So, we went out on our own, incorporated in the US and Canada, set up an office in Front Royal, Virginia and hired our own staff. Thank you Jim for the support, encouragement and the freedom that you gave us to do what we knew we had to do. LifeSite would never have existed without you.

13 Hours and the work of the LifeSite team

It seems almost impossible to explain to anyone what we do every day and all that is involved in running LifeSite. It’s an incredible, on-going experience.

Two weeks ago I saw the movie 13 Hours. It’s the true story of the attempt by 6 heroic ex Marines and Navy Seals working as security operators for the CIA in Benghazi, Libya, to save the lives of US ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff in a nearby compound.

I have to warn you, it’s a rough, realistic movie. I was shaken by it.

The security resources for the ambassador were pathetic. When they first visited the ambassador’s compound, the six operators saw that the mission was frighteningly vulnerable to an attack from Islamist militants.

But, no one would believe them. Everyone shrugged it off and said things would be ok and that the operators were being too negative, too pessimistic, too sensationalist. However, they were being realistic, based on their years of experience and what they knew, what they could see as people whose job it was to know and see these things, and to warn people about what was likely to happen.

Well, you know the story. The ambassador’s compound was overrun by a large group of heavily armed Al Quida militants. The CIA operators were located a mile away and repeatedly ordered to "stand down" while they saw this certain disaster unfolding. Despite lacking sufficient numbers and firepower and any US military support, they eventually ignored the orders, risked their lives and did what needed to be done. However, it was too late for ambassador Stevens and an assistant. In the end, those six brave men, all with wives and children back home, saved the lives of 36 persons from both locations. Unfortunately, two of them were killed and one was severely wounded.

Now why did I tell you all this? Believe it or not, I was overcome by how, in so many ways, this felt like what we experience everyday doing the work of LifeSite. We are truly in a vicious daily war, but we don’t use military weapons or engage in violent fights or use profanities. Our weapons are prayer and truth.

However, we do confront terrible evils and violence, every day, all day. And these dramatic news stories often happen suddenly and must be quickly responded to so others can take critically needed action. We don't have anywhere near the resources that our opponents have, but we do battle anyway with what we have and often achieve spectacular results. Some of our team have become wounded by stress and exhaustion and have had to leave the work.

The LifeSite team also reports many heroic and inspiring actions of selfless life and family heroes – that most people would otherwise never hear about. Our experience gives us an unmistakable, often unique view of the implications of most of these developments that we desperately try to warn others about – just like those CIA operators in 13 Hours.

The killings and threats to life and to our Christian civilization now are far, far greater than what happened in Benghazi. We are daily observers of horrible obscenities, the killing of millions via abortion, euthanasia, infanticide - and the deliberate corruption of cultures to facilitate all of this - and of a worldwide, historically unprecedented demographic collapse.

We publish professionally researched and written reports documenting what is turning out to be the collapse of our civilization. But, just as those Marines and Navy Seals experienced, despite the strong evidence we always provide, many do not believe us, say we are "too negative", we need to be "more positive", we are "sensationalizing" things, we are being "disrespectful". How I wish that were all true.  We would gladly take that blame.

The reality is that we put our whole heart and soul, at considerable personal cost, into this mission to provide the truth about the most crucial developments in the world today. It is often the truth that no one else, or few, will take the risks to report or have the freedom to report.

Many think everything is fine. We’ll be ok. They do not want be disturbed by the articles on LifeSite or a talk such as we heard last night from Robert George.

The essential role of prayer

The LifeSite staff have a prayer conference call every morning. We all realize that our only real hope is in Jesus Christ and his Church. Anything can be overcome through union with Christ.  The greatest power in the world is belief in and fidelity to Christ. That keeps us going. Facing uncomfortable truths is obligatory, in our view, so that we can become armed with the truth needed to make the best decisions.

If you read Lifesite everyday for many years, like NFL great Matt Birk, who revealed that fact to John-Henry last week in Washington, you will be especially well informed and better able to determine what you must do.

We love our work. We love it because we believe it pleases God. We are doing what He inspires us to do. Who could wish for anything better, regardless of all the crosses that come with it? We embrace those crosses. That is how Christianity has always changed the world. We offer our very lives to this.

Thank you again for this award. It means a lot to us and it will encourage our LifeSite family members to continue to persevere.

God bless you all and thank you.

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John-Henry Westen giving his speech upon receiving the John Cardinal O'Connor Award.

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The battle for life and family is raging and you have been summoned to the fight

John-Henry Westen John-Henry Westen Follow John-Henry

Editor's Note: This speech was given by LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen to members of Legatus on January 29, 2016 upon receiving the John Cardinal O'Connor Award.

February 2, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- Thank you Tom and all of Legatus for this incredible honor. I have often looked up to you Tom as a hero in the faith, so coming from you this means a great deal to me. This award, like so much in my life since my reversion to the Catholic faith in my early twenties is a testimony to the awesome generosity and mercy of God even to those who have abandoned Him.

You see, both Steve and I left the practice of faith in our youth. We were on the other side, even of the culture of life. He was a member of Zero Population Growth and I lived a life of hedonism. But God in His mercy brought us back to Himself and has since showered us with blessings, crosses too of course, but many blessings.

Jim Hughes and Steve Jalsevac have been mentors to me in the movement for life. In fact, they, like so many of the soldiers in the work for faith, life and family are the best people anyone could know.

What began as a humble tiny enterprise with a few recipients has grown into an international news service with 60 million page views from 30 million users last year alone. LifeSite, launched in 1997 by Campaign Life Coalition has since launched other organizations including the Rome Life Forum, Voice of the Family with SPUC, and just last September we began a Catholic Magazine called Faithful Insight. Copies of Faithful Insight are available here and we pray you will choose to subscribe to it and that it may be a blessing to you, your family and your friends.

For me none of this would be possible without my faithful wife Dianne.

  • she left her teaching career so she could home school our 8 children
  • she converted to the Catholic faith with our third child after the Bible convinced her of the truth of Christ’s True Presence in the Eucharist
  • she was open to life even after three miscarriages
  • she permits me to go and speak wherever I’m called all over the world and bears the long hours needed for this mission
  • she has never balked at the hardships that have come with it

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been showered by blessings.

I had a saintly father who raised me, a mother who bore me and another mother who sacrificed herself to help raise me.

I have a heavenly Mother who through True Devotion showed me the way to Her Son. And an awesome God who nearly every day since my return to Him in 1993 has given Himself to me Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

What greater joy and blessing can there be anywhere than the life of Christ available even to the poorest of sinners?!!

Like Professor George said yesterday, there is no more comfortable Catholicism. In truth, there never has been. The devil has from the beginning of time gone about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. But in our day he seems to have been unleashed like never before in history.

58 million innocent American children have been killed in their mother’s wombs on American soil in the last 43 years. Where has there been a holocaust like this before?

Yet there is an even greater tragedy in the loss of countless souls. Our Lady of Fatima warned in the early 1900s that more souls go to hell for sins of impurity than for any other reason. At no other time in human history has there been the impurity we see in our world today.

Yesterday Professor George reminded us that life is very short even if we live 90 or 100 years. Compared to eternity, life is but a blip of time and yet in that tiny time we must decide for all eternity to take either the wide and easy way that leads to perdition or the narrow road, strewn with crosses that brings us to eternal life.

Click "like" if you are PRO-LIFE!

You are amazing people dear Legates.

Some of you were soldiers, you are all warriors.

Some of you are bankers, you are all wise investors.

There is no greater battle, there is no sounder investment.

We must fight the greatest enemy mankind will ever know.

We must secure the only treasure that will ever satisfy.

Rise up you warriors for the soul of America. The battle for life and family is raging and you have been summoned to the fight.

Never, be ashamed of the Gospel, said Professor George yesterday.

Or as Christ Himself put it in Mark 8:38 “For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

And his promise in Matthew 10:32 “Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven.”

And later in Matthew 25:34: “Come ye blessed of my Father, possess the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

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All black lives don’t matter: Congressional Black Caucus slams pro-life Congressman Sean Duffy

Ryan Bomberger Ryan Bomberger Follow Ryan

January 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- Racism. It’s the go-to for liberals. Every institution of American life is touched by it according to the racialists. Well, almost every one. Somehow, the industry that kills, disproportionately, black human beings for a profit isn’t racist. It’s “reproductive justice”!

Enter Congressman Sean Duffy, a Republican from Wisconsin. On the House floor he gave a powerfully disturbing speech about the alarming levels of abortion in the black community and wondering why the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has been silent.

But they haven’t been silent. They’ve been complicit.

The CBC, like every other black-led liberal “civil rights” group, is pro-abortion. The NAACP recently just lost a major free speech lawsuit, trying to sue The Radiance Foundation because we called them the “National Association for the Abortion of Colored People”. These groups actively partner with the nation’s largest abortion and aborted baby parts trafficking chain, Planned Parenthood. Last fall, the CBC sponsored a forum featuring the abortion giant. Keep in mind, abortion occurs up to 5 times more in the black community. In NYC, as Rep. Duffy alluded to, more black babies are aborted than born alive. For every 1,000 born alive, there are 1,180 are aborted. Where are all the cries that #BlackLivesMatter? Where are all the protests? Where are all the die-ins?

There are none. Because liberals don’t believe that all black lives matter. And the Congressional Black Caucus leads this hypocrisy.

The CBC says it’s the “conscience of the Congress”. This is a joke, right? This is the same body that accepted huge donations (over $250,000) annually from the tobacco industry even though the black community suffers higher rates of cancer. Despite health advocates decrying alcohol and tobacco companies disproportionately targeting urban areas with ads, the CBC had no problem taking this money. They even handed out free cigarettes at meetings.

The former chair of the CBC, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, was given an award by Planned Parenthood for his “tireless work on behalf of millions of women…who faced the most aggressive attacks on women’s health and rights in a generation.” The aggressive attacks are on the most defenseless among us…especially the unarmed black lives in the womb. Cleaver used to be prolife before he ran for national office, as we’ve highlighted in our abortion awareness campaigns. He was an advisor to Missouri Citizens for Life. Cleaver is yet another liberal black leader trading principle for personal political power.

The current chairman, pro-abortion Congressman G.K. Butterfield (D-NC), was unsurprisingly endorsed by Planned Parenthood during election season. He’s repeatedly voted against defunding Planned Parenthood, even after the horrific videos from the Center for Medical Progress revealed the organizations depraved practice of harvesting aborted babies’ organs and bodies. Congressman Butterfield just endorsed the most radically pro-abortion candidate in the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton. The Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate was given the abortion chain’s highest award—the Margaret Sanger award. In her acceptance speech, Clinton praised the anti-human Planned Parenthood founder, saying: “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. Her courage, her tenacity, her vision.”

Her vision? You mean her vision to use birth control to eliminate defectives? This is how Sanger described birth control in Chapter 18 of her book Women And The New Race: “Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defective.”

Those words just resound with equality, don’t they?

According to leftist Politico (which didn’t bother to post the video of the speech), Rep. Butterfield found Rep. Duffy’s honest words “disgusting”. What’s disgusting is the racist propaganda that so many liberal black organizations like the CBC peddle. Everyone is racistEverything is racist. Well, except the one industry that kills for a living.

In the end, the CBC, NAACP, National Action Network, Rainbow PU$H Coalition, and the National Urban League don’t believe that we’re all created equal. Their undying support for Planned Parenthood, the leading killer of our future generation, is beyond reprehensible. The CBC wants the House to vote on a resolution to condemn Congressman Duffy’s words. The condemnation should be for those who enable the violent social injustice of abortion while pretending that somehow, they–not the slaughtered millions–are the victims.

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