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Sexual assault suspect Cody D'Entremont (who goes by "Desiree Anderson")Twitter / Windsor Police

(LifeSiteNews) — Yesterday the Windsor Police Service sent out a tweet asking for information on a suspect who had been reported for sexual assault.

According to their press release:

The Windsor Police Service is searching for a suspect wanted in connection to a sexual assault earlier this month.

On April 4, 2023, a female victim contacted police to report that she had been sexually assaulted while staying at a Windsor women’s shelter. The suspect, who was also residing at the shelter at the time, allegedly climbed into the victim’s bed and sexually assaulted her.

The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Desiree Anderson, who may also be known as Cody D’Entremont. The suspect is described as 5’7”, 141 lbs, with brown eyes and brown hair. The suspect is alleged to frequent the downtown area.

You’ll notice from the photo that Cody is a male. You’ll notice from the press release that Cody identifies as “Desiree.” Cody, calling himself “Desiree,” stayed at a Windsor women’s shelter with vulnerable women — women made more vulnerable by his presence there. He then used this access — given to him because transgender activists insist that men like Cody have a right to female-only spaces if they identify as a woman — to sexually assault a woman.

As Reduxx noted, this is not an isolated incident. In October, a woman was allegedly raped in a women’s center in Parry Sound, Ontario, by a male attacker identifying as transgender. A few months previously, in August, 25-year-old Shane Jacob Green was arrested by Ontario Provincial Police and charged with two counts of sexual assault — also committed while he was staying in a women’s shelter.

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Women’s shelters in Canada have been forced into permitting men into their spaces. As I’ve noted before, British Columbia’s Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR), Canada’s oldest shelter for victims of sexual assault, was stripped of city funding for maintaining that they served only women. VRR lost their funding after transgender activists lobbied to have the center accept men who identify as women or lose financial support.

As Suzanne Moore wrote bluntly in The Telegraph earlier this week: “Our hospitals are not safe places for women.” One exacerbating factor? Male predators identifying as women:

It is difficult to imagine the depravity of predators who would prey on anyone in such a situation. Yet predators always sniff out vulnerability. This is why women are arguing so hard to maintain single-sex spaces in prisons, refuges and hospital wards. It is also why all data keeping must record biological sex if we are to understand what is actually going on.

The safety of vulnerable women who have been victimized by men has been sacrificed in the name of the transgender agenda. Cody D’Entremont and Shane Jacob Green and other sexual predators have been given access to women’s shelters and rape relief centers by transgender activists — backed by Canada’s progressive politicians while virtually every other politician remains silent. They are the enablers. They were warned not by the much-maligned and unfortunately prophetic social conservatives who said this sort of thing would be inevitable, but by feminist advocates and the very women who run these centers. They were ignored, and women have been raped as a result.

Those who lobbied for and enacted these polices should be held to account for the consequences of their actions. They should be forced to explain why the safety of vulnerable women is an acceptable sacrifice — but they won’t be. Instead, criticisms of these dangerous policies will be told that they are “transphobic,” and everyone will move on — except, of course, for the women who have been victimized (or, in some cases, re-victimized). And there will be a next time.

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