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Obianuju Ekeocha

About 2 weeks ago I came across this disturbing headline from Malawi: "COPUA Calls for Review of Abortion Law, Women Continue Dying From Unsafe Abortion"

It is very disturbing to see how, in more recent years , there has been a bolder and stronger insistence by International Abortion industry to bring Abortion into African countries (against the will and ways of the African people) that have historically valued and cherished human life from conception to natural death. It is also painful to see that in most (if not all) cases, the pro-abortion voices and interest groups that are raised in Africa have been easily linked or traced to wealthy American or European based organizations that are bent on spreading the scourge of Abortion throughout the world. So this headline set me on a path to find out more about this Malawian group COPUA that is boldly calling for Abortion in Malawi. I wanted to know who they were and why any group of Africans would call for the legalization of the killing of our unborn brothers and sisters. And of course my suspicions were right...

In a nutshell, COPUA - the Coalition for Prevention of Unsafe Abortion is the radical pro-abortion organization in Malawi that has been trying (for some time) to make a case for legalized Abortion under the stale argument that legalized Abortion will save the lives of women who choose to end the lives of their unborn babies. 

Their blood-thirsty plea was heard throughout the nation and in a clear unequivocal response the good people of Malawi raised their voices in strong objection to this pro-abortion group which is furiously fighting (against the majority) to unleash death on their people through legalized Abortion.

Here is the fascinating thing- the National Coordinator of COPUA, Mr Chrispine Sibande has been very outspoken in favour of a number of radically dark ideologies which include legalized Abortion, the formation of the Malawi Sex-Workers alliance, the strengthening of the LGBT agenda as well as the extensive promotion of condom and contraception in his country. Needless to say that he is in the minority in his distorted views and vision of human life and dignity but his voice is nonetheless strengthened and amplified by Ipas which is one of the most pro-abortion western organizations (head-quartered in North Carolina, USA) that has set its sharp hooks into the jugular veins of Africa. 

In their own words, Ipas provides training for doctors and nurses around the world in clinical "skills" for abortion and family planning, they are also very committed to lobbying leaders and lawmakers around the world (notably in developing nations) to legalize abortion. 

Yes, they are working hard to weaken pro-life leaders, dissuade pro-life nations and remove pro-life laws so as to do away with the right to life of the unborn wherever they are. 

And their Ipas Senior Policy Associate and representative in Malawi, is the one and the same Chrispine Sibande who is leading the pro-abortion group COPUA. With his ties to Ipas he has almost unlimited resources to draw enough attention to his cause which entails the killing of innocent babies in the womb and the wounding of poor women in crisis and unplanned pregnancy. 

We have all seen the mounting evidence that abortion is detrimental to the wellbeing of women and even the wellbeing of entire societies where they are sanctioned. In many western countries, it is no secret that unspeakable numbers of hurting post-abortive women have become dependent on anti-depressants, many have attempted suicides, many have found it difficult to connect with their surviving  children, some have great difficulties in committing to stable family life and in most recent years there is strong evidence connecting abortion to breast cancer. 

This may all come across as abstract, but in the African context where there is much human suffering and difficulties, women are the beating heart of our Continent. 

They are the channels of hope and life in the heart of their local communities. When the men are discouraged by the drought and the flood and the famine, the women bring hope and healing to them. When the vicious ethnic wars arise, the women bring reconciliation with their tears. When life becomes untenable, they approach the throne of God on bended knees. In short, the women are vital to the wellbeing of Africa. So I hope that a man like Mr Sibande who is being supported, fed and funded by the wealth of a notorious western pro-abortion organization (Ipas), would reconsider his radical stance on abortion which is bound to eclipse the joyful radiance of the Malawian women and thereby destroy and damage the already struggling communities in his country. I also hope that the good people of Malawi would hold tenaciously onto their pro-life views and visions for their nation. The solution to unplanned pregnancy lies with a merciful and compassionate society that is willing to serve and help every woman in crisis pregnancy through good prenatal healthcare and support. So the wonderful women of Malawi deserve laws and policies that enact and enable an abundance of life, love and dignity for all women. And as we all know (for we have seen its toxic prints in developed countries), Legalized Abortion, extinguishes life, stifles love and diminishes human dignity.

So we must raise our voices to renounce pro-abortion groups made up of a hand full of misguided people that are well-funded by the international abortion industry, we must garner the courage to vehemently reject abortion bills wherever they spring up and we must resolutely desire and demand the very best care and standards for African women . 

No, Mr Sibande, we the women of Africa do not need or want legalized Abortion, even if Ipas and COPUA pay you to tell us that we do!

Reprinted with permission from Culture of Life Africa


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